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I don’t know how to have fun in this game. Every game I play has intentional throwers.

I'm 4.3k mmr, about 8k behavior score. I don't feed, I don't throw, I play my hardest and try to win every single game. Yet, every single game, literally, I'm stuck playing with people who do both. My games aren't determined by who has the better players, draft, or strategy, but by which team, usually mine of course, has someone ruining the game. They don't care about Overwatch or any other type of report system, because this bracket is full of account buying children who just buy more accounts when any single one gets banned. That's not an overstatement.

Here's a few games just from the past 3 days or so: – The game I just finished playing and what prompted me to post this because it was so rediculous. Virtually all 4 players on this team besides myself intentionally griefed at one point. My wraith king was a clear account buyer who first picked WK offlane, ended the game 0-14 with brown boots and a blademail at 30 minutes. Because it was obvious he was an account buyer, my rubick also started feeding, placing sentries in our own jungle camps, and flaming the entire game. My POTM hard support ruined my lane completely, didn't do anything except send my creep waves to the enemy tower over and over while spamming his arrows on the big camp. Then did the classic ancient player 5 position feed then TP to another lane because it's obviously the carry's fault. Spends entire rest of the game spamming "LOL URSA LOSE TO TIMBER HOW?" and other things along those lines. My TA it was clear she was an also an account buyer who neither had any idea how to play midlane or even how to play TA. Multiple times I watched 1/4 HP heroes walk over traps as we were trying to kill them and she just didn't even know how to activate them. This game was a complete joke.

Read more:  July Contest - 2 Point Contest – I play a support Witch Doctor, to a Lifestealer carry who had clearly never played lifestealer before. Ran scared from every solo support, built 2 sanges, no armlet, spent entire game in the jungle with the lowest hero damage in the game. Not a single player besides myself on this team even hit a tower. My offlane beastmaster is the same account buying wraith king from the above match, who cried and raged and went to afk jungle 2 minutes into the game where he spent literally the rest of the match. My puck clearly had no idea what he was doing and would either just not use his spells at all or use them to do things like blink or orb into his death. My morph actually tried but you can't 2v5 with 3 griefers. – My LC intentionally feeding. Like literally just walking at the enemy team. Simply because we asked him how he decided to even buy a blademail let alone before a blink dagger. Cool. – Get an axe offlane who literally started in the jungle, never even went to lane. My WD support starts griefing me and flaming all game because he died trying to 1v1 a tree at level 2 in the jungle somewhere where i wasn't even close to and decided it was my fault. Both supports start raging because of it and feeding. QoP and me were the only ones even trying to play. Nearly won it too, but it's hard to play a 2v5 in a 60 minute game where thanks to the intentionally feeding supports, the enemy lion with an aghs is literally one shotting us from full hp out of fog over and over.

Read more:  Chen Help – Someone picks techies so 2 people on the team feed because of it. One eventually just afk's with a shadow amulet after doing so.

These are seriously just from the passed 3 days. And they weren't even all of them, just the worst ones out of picking random games from my dotabuff. I know 8k behavior score isn't perfect, but I do none of these things, yet have to suffer through every game with people who do. I don't deserve it. I can't climb or even learn anything from these games; it's a joke. I don't know what else to do about it except just stop playing the game altogether because at this point, with games like this being my norm, it's 100x more stress than it is fun.


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