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I don’t know what to do; the teams I’m getting are making me lose all passion for this game.

That's my dotabuff, I'm about 4.2k MMR with 9k behavior score. For the last 10-12 games I've played with nothing but griefers, account buyers, people afk'ing with shadow amulets; the works. I don't know what's happening to my luck, especially since these people are never on the other team, but it's making me lose all passion for the game. I'm not trying to vent, I want genuine advice on what I'm supposed to do to win these games – because people here say all the time that I should be able to win these games if I'm legit better than the other team, so what would a better player do to win these? I know some games are just flat out unwinnable, no matter what; but these types of games are every single one I play. They just feel impossible and it's making me hate the game.

Take my last few for example: – I'm Doom; I destroy my lane, try to apply as much pressure as I can, and it ends up not mattering because I have an AM+Luna dual core who just jungle the entire game against a PA+Spectre who just ran us over. My mid Luna built some cheeseball maelstrom into octarine core build while flaming everyone on the team the entire game.

Read more:  Emo talk about SG major final in his stream – I'm Axe, again I destroy my lane, get about a 4 minute Vanguard and totally take over the enemy safe lane. And again, it ends up not mattering because the other team starts running 4/5 heroes at me while my team literally AFK'd mid for 20 minutes instead of doing anything with the space I was creating for them. They then jungled until the enemy PL got so big that we just couldn't do anything to him. – I'm Grimstroke, I played really, really well this game but my Ursa was an outright account buyer who fed 2 times in lane within a minute then jungled for the next half hour with a MoM. Had literally 0 impact the entire game. My Huskar played fine for the first half of the game then decided to suicide over and over until the game ended, as all of us were over watching our account buying Ursa do nothing all game. – I'm QoP – not much to say about this game; I played really well I think but my team didn't want to do anything but jungle and feed. Cool. – I play Razor. I went 18-0 at one point, then as we were throning the enemy team, my account buyer Tiny carry finally decided to leave the jungle for the first time the entire game, and tossed me into the enemy fountain. Enemy Ursa got a million gold for it, bought a shard and was suddenly unkillable for the rest of the game. We then lost just a few minutes after that because they got so much gold from my asshole Tiny killing me.

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I just want to know what to do to win these games. Because I feel like I'm playing really well, and it ends up not mattering at all in any of these games simply because the enemy teams play as a team and mine just want to jungle and feed and throw. I don't know what to do anymore.


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