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I feel like I’m running in a circle while trying to improve and gain MMR

Hey everybody,

I'm 2.5k MMR player but I think I can say I have the common sense. I mean It's almost been a year that I learnt how to play my "own" game. Most of the 2.5k players don't play their own games. They sometimes start flaming their teammates because of simple mistakes. They generally don't appreciate the plays that don't go well, but if those plays go well they are like "well played friend, you did a good job there". They sometimes type all chat something like "we have the best carry/mid/support/offlaner guys." etc. and they seek attention and help of their enemies. I think I don't need to describe what's it like to be 2.5k player. I can truly say that I'm not one of those guys. The peak grief I can do is getting very tilted by enemy and misplay over and over again, and then muting everyone and thinking like "this game worths 30 MMR, nothing more nothing less. Nothing will be very different with 30 MMR, I don't need to stress this much."

Anyways, after a short paragraph of what kind of player I am, I can touch to my main problems. Nearly a year ago, or maybe few months less than a year, I was stuck around 2.3k MMR. I have been raising my MMR to 2.5k and dropping it back to 2.3k in few days. I think I improved myself somehow and I am able to maintain my MMR around 2.5k. But, now I have problems with overcoming 2.7k MMR barrier. Let me explain I meant by circle in the title of this post. As I said I can maintain my MMR around 2.5k. I play ranked every day, with no exceptions. Sometimes I play 1-2 games, 3-4 games and 7-8 games a day. Let's say it's monday. In monday, I play a few games and I win most of the games and I get closer to 2.7k MMR. Next few days, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, I play some games again and I only able to increase or decrease my MMR by 30. So, the net change is +30 or -30. Then the next day, Friday, I lose most of the games I've played and I end up maintaining 2.5k. This situation keeps repeating for almost 3 months. I want to improve and see legend medal in my profile, this will be really huge change for me. I have never been above 3k before.

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I want to also touch on some other problems I have. I mostly play pos2, when I get bored playing pos2 I play pos5 and pos1, but I don't play pos1 that much. I can say that I play really well with Puck, Ember Spirit, SF, Zeus. Sometimes I play Kunkka, Clinkz, Tinker, Sniper, Huskar, Meepo, Broodmother depending on the enemy and ally draft. I removed Broodmother from my Pos2 Tier List due to the latest patch, also I have been having very problems playing Broodmother recently. Even though I outdraft enemies, I was ending up being useless. Anyways, for a while I was spamming only ES, Puck, Zeus and that was working slightly well but It felt boring after a few days. I can't force myself to play heroes that I play well, so I change role and play pos5 (or rarely pos1). Otherwise I draft quite poorly. How can I force myself to play my small pool of heroes that I play well?

My Dotabuff:

Thank you for your time. I'm open to any solution idea and critiques. Feel free to ask anything.


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