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I feel like Tide kinda sucks the last couple of patches

Let me just preface this by saying that I understand that he's good in the context of summons heroes. He's great vs Lycan, Chen, Beastmaster and all manner of those, since the damage block negates a fair chunk of what they do, and the Anchor Smash negates the tower push. That said, here's my reasoning for why I think he sucks generally at the moment, outside of the context of those particular matchups.

First and foremost, virtually every item that has been core on this hero has been nerfed in the last couple of patches. At 7.25 the cost of Pipe of Insight was 2,775, and now it is 3,425. Price is up 650 gold, and it provides no stats where it previously offered +2 and +3 to allstats. Insight aura HP regen has also dropped to 2.

Phase Boots used to offer +6 armour, and now it's 4. Blades of Attack cost up 20 gold. Greaves armour bonus went from 5 to 6 to 4 up to 7.28, cost at its lowest recently was 4,875, now is 5,250. Doesn't give +5 to all stats anymore. Vlad's used to cost 2,100 at its lowest point recently, and now costs 2,750. Used to give +6 and then +5 allstats, now gives none. Gives less lifesteal but +18% attack damage. Crimson Guard also gives no allstats, down from +3.

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The problem I'm seeing consistently with this hero is, he's way more fragile than he used to be. Here's a quick summary of the stats changes:

  • +3 to allstats on Pipe down to 0
  • Greaves from +5 allstats down to nothing
  • Vlad's +6 allstats down to 0
  • Crimson +3 allstats down to 0

Assuming you go Pipe Greaves Vlad's, which isn't entirely uncommon, you're down +14 allstats to 0. Armour has gone down a couple of points, but nothing quite like the allstats. Price of everything core that he buys:

  • Pipe up 650
  • Greaves up 375
  • Vlad's up 650

Tide is down 1,675 gold and lost at least 2 armour and +14 to allstats in the item reworks. Every game of Tide that I've seen in high-MMR to try to learn from, they go first item Vlad's I've seen the Tide team lose every time.

This hero just seems frail when he gets teamfight items, and he dies too fast most of the time. The damage block – which is great in summons contexts – is inadequate for most other situations. Even with the mana regen talent, he's frequently mana-starved, and really dislikes any kind of mana-burner during the midgame and lategame.

Lately I've been trying out greedier builds with this hero, and I feel like it's kinda necessary because of how shit the stats are for teamfight items these days. I'm sure in the context of co-ordinated teams and play, that the hero is fine and in a relatively good place, but in pubs it just feels like this hero is legitimately garbage.

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You're literally getting less value and paying more than you ever have for these items, and it griefs heroes that relied on those stats in order to stay alive. Anyways, that's just a few itemised reasons why I think this hero is shit right now.


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