Dota 2

I find that I don’t enjoy 90% of my games.

I feel like I get punished for trying to get anything done. If go to an open lane, enemies TP in response. Mission accomplished, right? Nope. My team TPs to force a fight instead of pushing the other free lanes, and my bait is rendered useless. Everytime I try to make moves, I'm the one that gets countered, so I rely on my teammates to make use of my space, which they never ever do. I feel like I'm doing things right by pushing lanes and forcing enemies to show up, but instead of taking advantage of the information to take control elsewhere, my team is just attracted like flies towards the enemy carry farming under his tower with his entire team obviously hiding behind him. Then someone loses their patience and dives and we lose the fight.

Unless I have ultra perfect vision or my hero is just too strong, I feel like I shouldn't bother trying to get kills even if enemy hero is out of position. Otherwise enemy just TPs 4 people at counterganks me. No one plays actively to create opportunities for me to get kills. And if they do, maybe that's why we win.

The game of Dota requires total coordination of teams otherwise it just feels unrewarding. Every game is the same. Supports hiding behind their cores, whoever decides to make an initiation gets counter-initiated and loses the teamfight and loses their towers. But if a team has vision of the supports, they kill the support first and win the game. That's it. That's the game of Dota summed up in one paragraph. Initiate on supports, or get counter-initiated and lose. The disappointing thing is, you see this so often in pro Dota as well. So maybe that's just how Dota is.

It's sad that Dota rewards passivity. Showing on a lane just gives the enemy team a chance to make plays elsewhere. Push highground? Every enemy hero can buyback and TP straight to the fight and win since they have two lives. Why bother making plays? Just pick a super carry, keep farming and only TP when enemy is diving your team. Then you mop up and win the fight and the game. Such a simple gameplan that requires no coordination. And I swear 80% of my pub games just depends on which team has the easier gameplan, which tends to be the team with a Spectre.


  • can play passively and punish enemy aggression

  • initiates on supports

  • can get strong enough to not have to care about an enemy team with buybacks

That's all you need.

Passivity really shouldn't be rewarded. Imagine if FPS games had no peeker's advantage and you were far more likely to win a duel by holding angles and waiting, rather than attacking and looking for duels. How stale would that be when every player is just waiting on angles? That's what Dota feels like. Except people haven't discovered this trick, so they continue trying to play aggressive and end up choking the game.

I just don't find this enjoyable and I've more or less accepted that I'll never get to play aggressive, calculated Dota.


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