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I give you a little guide for undying

Content of the article: "I give you a little guide for undying"

Hello throwers! I want share some tips with this hero, I reach 100 games with him 70%win rate, is my 10 most played hero not much really but he is really strong and i like it.

In my opinion is one of the best pos 4 atm, I play him as 5 too, works fine but better as 4.

I started with mangos claritys tangos and 1 centry to block camp.

My first item is soul ring boots of speed and meteor hammer.

Meme hammer is really great on undy because is very bad farming but u can push lanes, take camps and towers with him, is cheap item and gives you regen, can help u to defend tombstone.

I remember 1 game playing with my friend in 4k, I fuck the enemy troll ulti all time with meme and he started calling me smurf and trashtalking, very funny.

The next item can be greeves, lotus or agha if u are very good in gold, agha is very nice to late game because this hero in late is weak.

If my offlaner is wind or legion i go for auras like pipe or crimsom.

About the spells: if your midlane come to fb up tombstone and when the enemys go for rune go for the back and use tomb in hg should be easy kill.. at level 3 is your powerspikes 1 point each spells and focus on W and tombstone let the Q to more late.

Try pull the lane and when the enemys stay in middle of lane put tombstone behind and use Q and attack, when u have a lot of zombis use que W to destroy the enemy, W is very usefull to heal your core to with the creeps and heal the tombstone, in the tf u need put your tomb in hg or in a place to be difficult to destroy, for example with mars outside the arena or in the place where put the wards.

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Is very usefull too to dive undertower because can tank tower a lot and if u rush W the damage with creeps + zombies is insane.

U can gank another lanes with tombs too, if u are fast can kill them before they destroy tomb, is a beast in early and midgame but in late very very weak.

If u have some questions i can respond, sorry for bad english guys this was all.


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