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I just finished a game of dota so satisfying that I might just retire

We've all had those games of Dota that remind us why we play it. Why we love it. Those close, long, satifying matches where you feel like everyone is perfectly matched in skill and whether you win or lose you walk away with a smile on your face.

Yeah this isn't one of those stories. This is pure salty vindication and I do not care how petty it comes off.

So I got home from work this morning, I sit down and go to unranked all pick to unwind after a long night of work because I'm a masochist. I random first game (see masochist comment from previous sentence) and I get puck. My favorite hero, cool. Let's do this.

Not long in I realize our pos 4 in very very new and also mute. I get a couple good power runes, i gank both lanes with them, it doesn't go particularly well but we aren't losing just yet. Then our offline rage buy backs and goes to the jungle. Not long after this he abandons and the rest of my team follows. I stick around cause I wanted to put on a youtube playlist anyway and I do the standard ggwp, explain what happned on my team stuff.

Then gheir support started to trash talk. Very generic troll shit "lol u fuckn noob, probably chased off your team" type stuff. Now I don't know if it was because I was tired from work or if i was in a particularly bad mood but this got me kinda salty. I tried saying that it was dumb for him to trash talk in a game that didn't even happen really. My exact analogy was "you showed up to the pre-K softball game and when half the other team didn't show up, you started parading around and screaming how you won and that the other team is bad". In retrospect, I should have just left and found another match but yeah I stupidly fed the troll.

Post match the trash talk ascends and I throw out the classic salty move of challenging him to a 1v1. He's not gonna accept it and we both know it. I just want some vindication for giving him any amount of time. I leave and instantly rematch, dont want the feeling sit and fester, just keep moving and you'll feel better.

Well guess who happens to match up on the other team again. The same guy. We both pick carry. He knows its on, i know its on.

I explain my team the situation, the trash talking an abandoned game just didn't sit right with any of them. They were in. They played excellently. My support pulled and stacked, my offlane centuar drew aggro and initiated fights well, my mid sniper crowd controlled them spectacularly, they supported me and literally dove and targeted their carry along side me tipping and sending "?" through all chat the whole way through. It wasn't a stomp. But it was a solid win.

In the end his own team was shitting on him while he cried in the post match chat that since he had a 900 gold networth lead he played better than me and was the better player before silently leaving.

I commended every player in the match except him for putting up with my bullshit and quit out with a smile. In an anonymous online space it's really easy to just say things to make people upset for no reason other than you can and you won't feel any consequences. I don't know, it's just very satisfying to see one get shit on and publicly humiliated. Even if it was just briefly. Maybe someone will get some vicarious vindication out of this post.


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