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I just got all my team DDOSd while pushing Racks for the win

Content of the article: "I just got all my team DDOSd while pushing Racks for the win"

As tittle, this was my first game of the day and I'm very frustrated and confused. I didn't know such a thing existed and that I would ever lose a won game because of this. I didn't want to let this terrible threat go unnoticed so I figured it out that the best solution was to make a tread on reddit. I'm gonna try to provide the best I can in terms of information, hopefully something can be done about it. We as a community have too much to worry about already with the current situation of the game, the last thing we need right now is cheeters the ruin it over.

Video of what happened:

Video for Context (I was Drow Ranger)

I was trying to figure it out which player did it by watching the replay, the best suspect I got was rubick as seen in the second half of the video. From his player perspective, his mouse stop moving twice as he seems to be alt tabbed. We were pushing rax with a dead tinker without buyback, I can't see any reasons for a player to not be focused on the game at this moment. From his dota profile, he has a relatively new account with few games played, no guild, no battlepass, no dota plus, which appears to be a smurf account.

Match ID: 5614348336

Server: US East

Time: 10:02 GMT -03:00 (Brasilia)

Rubick Dota ID: 247712468

Rubick Steam profile:

Rubick profile:

Rubick Dota Profile

I might be wrong about my suspect, so I'm gonna provide the other players profile from his team to further investigation:

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PA Steam Profile:

Tinker Steam Profile:

Doom Steam Profile:

Ogre Steam Profile:

Please PM me if you guys have any other information about this situation. Thanks guys.


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