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I just hate how dogmatic people are about the game

Content of the article: "I just hate how dogmatic people are about the game"

One of the beauties about Dota for me is the depth and complexity of itemisation and I really despise how you get flamed and pinged for not following the common builds.

One example is I played a game with my Legend friends a month ago (I was Herald at the time, now I'm Crusader and still climbing and I reckon I can go a lot higher) and I built echo sabre -> skadi on MK. The enemy lineup was Pudge, Tusk, Jugg, Bloodseeker, Undying. 2 bkb piercing disables, rupture, omnislash, not a lot of magic damage, and I felt like skadi would tank me up a lot and make me survive the initial chainstuns. We had a massive teamfight and we lost, and then I was blamed for not buying BKB? Apparently I threw the game for not buying BKB? Trust me my friends mean well but I hated that just cause of my inferior rank at the time, my opinion was ignored. It's true that I got hooked and snowballed into during the fight but they really literally couldn't kill me until they killed the rest of my team. The only issue for me was I had to hit the fucking Undying tombstone like 6 times, which could've been 6 hits on an enemy hero instead.

Also I got the jingu damage talent because the enemy was all melee and they were all telling me I chose the wrong talents tf. I just want to play the game using my own reasoning not just blindly following whatever people consider "correct". The only problem for me that game was Undying's fucking tombstone because I literally couldn't move unless I wasted lots of hits on the tombstone, so maybe that was the only reason I would get BKB, but I reckon if it was my responsibility to hit the tombstone everytime, the teamfight was already lost anyway.

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Now Aghs -> Skadi is becoming popular on MK and it feels nice to have my thought process be validated somewhat (MK with Aghs Skadi at 25 mins is literally unkillable most of the time) but it sucks that it takes a pro team trying unusual stuff in order for people to accept the build.

And it's not just builds. My friend got pretty pissy when I, as a support, casted shadow wave on him and accidentally stole 50g worth of creeps. Like honestly, it's not even a big deal, in fact ideally I believe a more evenly shared networth is the ideal way to play Dota instead of a support having only tranquil boots at 20 minutes, stealing 50g from you is fine! I honestly feel like being low rank at the time affected their reactions towards my plays, which is why I've been working pretty hard to climb as fast as I can so I can actually have some respect in-game. Otherwise I have really no basis for my opinions.

I play various other stuff that I feel is good and which work for me in practice. It's honestly very refreshing to have my own personal take on each hero based on what I feel is best, but it's just sad that everyone else just wants you to build the "best" items otherwise you will be the scapegoat for the loss. Playing Io carry during the TI8 season or buying Diffusal on Gyrocopter against an Omniknight and Bristleback would have gotten you flamed and reported in pubs. It's so sad that creativity and new ideas are being actively suppressed and punished by the playerbase until pro teams validate them.

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