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I realized how lonely it can be after moving regions.

Content of the article: "I realized how lonely it can be after moving regions."

Hi, its currently 7pm on a Sunday, and my friendlist which was full, is now full of onlines and offlines and no one in dota 2.I have been playing dota 2 for almost 10 years with more than 10k hours. I've met a lot of people thru this game, throughout the years dota for me has become less of an MMR climb but more of lets party up and play, it came to a point that even though Dota was the only game I'm actively playing, I never touched the solo matchmaking button.

At the age of 30 and spending 1/3rd of your life in a game, real life friends start to dwindle, it is a simple situation where your IRL friends and you don't have the time to meet up, but there's your Dota friendlist.

A group of people, one way or another, will always be up.Theres the group of people who only plays turbo,the group of turbo of super rich IRL and plays for fun only.the group that up to this date is still very much into MMR.And the group of people that falls in between those.

It was fun. It was stress free. Play a couple of games to clear your mind and go back to real life.

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Last September, a couple weeks before battlepass ended, I had to move countries. I'm now in the EU/RU region, when I used to play in the SEA region.

Yes, SEA region, the toxic, trash-talk world of SEA region. But hey, playing with friends and winning against try-hard SEA region players is a great stress relief.

I'm currently 7 hours behind my region, what used to be weekend nights gaming session becomes a void solo session with русски players. In the first few weeks I tried playing with my friends, but the inherent connection to SEA from EU means you are playing at a constant 250 to 300 ping. And the time difference put the playing times at weird places.

It is just that, at this point, I realize how alone I am.

How big has dota became a part of your routine.How losing it gives you a vast emptiness that puts you into unease.Like a never ending shackle within your guts that starts when you try to open the game and get your soul ripped by the reality that a decade has passed and there is no one left.

Dota1, Heroes of Newerth and dota2.They shapeshifted who I am and what I do for work. That work has brought me in a different region, and now the very thing that morphed me into who I am has been taken away and all is left is the void.

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Enjoy it while you can. Embrace it.

– A SEA scrub currently frostbitten in the harsh EU winter.


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