Dota 2

I really want to give up on this game. I dont know what to do. These are the teams i get. in every. single. game. someone please help.

I cannot play literally a single game without people ruining it. I try my hardest every game, and it really just feels like Im playing 1v9 in atleast 80% of them. I played 3 games today, and all just felt impossible. I dont want to even keep playing the game if every game I play is determined by whether or not im going to have people feeding and ruining.

Here are the games' IDs:1: 5850990423 – I have a near perfect laning stage as Jug despite having a pos 5 furion whos literally doing nothing. My hoodwink and OD start flaming everyone for literally no reason. Everyone except me and weaver are literally doing nothing but feeding the entire game. We actually ended up getting megas because I was able to split push and prolong the game enough, but we lost a team fight at the end of the game because my hoodwink thought it was funny to Euls the enemy luna as I was killing her with omnislash, she then turned on satanic and killed us all. I have subpar farm because my prophet is taking it all and OD is camping our ancients all game. Cool.

2: 5851059256 – Literal 1v9. My enigma was some account buyer. When people say someone did nothing but feed all game, usually its not true entirely, but this guy DID NOTHING BUT FEED ALL GAME. He ruined my lane, black holed a single person once the entire game, which instantly got cancelled, otherwise was AFK except when he'd aimlessly wander out to die. My DP and OD are yelling at each other in their mics all game about who is worse… as they both continue to also feed. My Zeus was 0-8 by 5 minutes. Seriously. Also then started flaming on mic. My team was dead so often 1 by 1 this game that it was impossible to take any fights, I coudlnt even split push because my team would feed so much that I was just getting followed around by the other team whenever I tried to do anything. Games like this make me want to uninstall dota and never touch it again.

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3: 5851133580 – Another 1v9… my team literal just walks aimlessly in circles and randomly feeds, blames me for it all game, classic. Dont know why i even queued after the other 2.

I really dont know what to do. Peop


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