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I will lasthit creeps with 8 dmg Satyr live on stream for 6 hours or until 322 CS if Valve do THIS!

Content of the article: "I will lasthit creeps with 8 dmg Satyr live on stream for 6 hours or until 322 CS if Valve do THIS!"

I've been waiting for these Chen-related quality of life things for quite a while, have created numerous posts to no avail and this is my endgame move.

#1. Force Kill Command

It's similar to Brood's Webs: if you don't like the position of a web – you press the button and it disappears. There are a few differences between webs and creeps that should be made for the sake of balance.

  1. A creep mustn't take any hero damage within 30 seconds.

  2. A creep shouldn't have lifetime (i.e you can't force kill the creep if you persuade it right after Enchantress took control over it) – the button should be either unavailable or have cooldown of 30 seconds.

  3. As said in point 2 same applies for Ench. She can't force kill the creep immediately right after using Enchant. The button should have the cooldown of 30 seconds.

The reason to have the command is that you always need to remember which creep you took over first, second, third and last. If you have no reason to keep a particular creep you are constantly seeking for the ways to kill it somehow which is time-consuming, clunky, stupid and brutal as you usually kill it in the Roshpit. Have mercy for fuck sake.

#2. Fix the motherfucking turtleplease

Imagine creating such a unique aura in the game which is second to none and it doesn't fucking work for a damn year (since it was implemented in 7.23 ).

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What it's called What it does
War Drums Aura Gives 25 attack speed aura and 40% accuracy aura in 1200 AoE to all allies

Almost an MKB to everyone which is not WorKiNG AS inTeNdeeeeed!

What it's called What it actually does
War Drums Aura Gives 25 attack speed aura in 1200 AoE to all allies and 40% accuracy aura only to the fucking turtle

This aura is my favorite among all the auras because it's unique and provides tons of impact especially when you take it in the mid-game or further. It's just not fair that the skill is ignored by 99% of people and those who take it on Chen/Ench/Doom can't fully use the creep. Hell, most people don't even know that the creep has this aura because nobody seen it in action.

#3. Add an aura to Centaur Conquerors

It's the big guy with a stomp stun. Currently every big neutral creep has 2 skills at their disposal: one active and one passive which is an aura. Except for the Troll Summoner which has 2 active skills, Thunderhide motherfuckers which has 3 skills (2 active and 1 broken passive) and Ancient Black Dragon which also has 3 skills (2 passive and 1 active). Also, Granite Golem which only has 1 passive but that's for the later.

Creep Active Passive
Hellbear Smasher (Tomato) Thunderclap Swiftness Aura (Attack Speed Aura)
Satyr Tormenter Shockwave Unholy Aura (HP Regen Aura)
Wildwing Ripper Tornado Toughness Aura (Armor Aura)
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Surely the fact that the Centaur has only one active skill is because it's the most balanced way to have this creep but I tend to think that the creep is just simply forgotten. Thus I decided to suggest adding an aura which won't be OP nor too weak.

# What it does Numbers as example
#1 Status Resistance Aura Gives 10% status resistance as an aura in a 1200 AoE
#2 Evasion Aura Gives 8% evasion aura to all allies in a 1200 AoE

The evasion aura was brought to you by these unreleased neutral guys and was kinda pain in the ass to kill them in Dota 1 but 8% is twice as lower so is not that overpowered.

The reason behind the desire to have an aura is that you don't usually take the Centaur in the mid-late game because it will most likely die on the way to the target or there are numeroues magic immune shit or stuff like that. The aura will be a bit helpful in a scenario where you want to take more auras for the team. I'd like to suggest only 2 auras though I have more in mind (like break ability, old craggy and so on)

If Valve implement at least 1 of the changes I will make a stream and will be lasthitting creep in the lobby for 6-8 hours or until I hit 322 CS with the Satyr Banisher which only have 8 attack damage. Trust me, it's unbelievably hard. Please, for the love of Obelis, give this post a little attention. All 5 Chen players in the world will be glad that their words are spread.

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