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I wrote some DOTA riddles. Some are easy, some are hard. Can you guess them all?

Content of the article: "I wrote some DOTA riddles. Some are easy, some are hard. Can you guess them all?"

Dota riddles

  1. Three brothers, once a pair
    Alone they are fair
    Together their might is a scare
  2. Once upon a dota night
    I was stolen from the shop
    All who want me have to fight
    ‘Till they get me as a drop
  3. A magic wand of wizards past
    Wield me now and have a blast
  4. Wielded by a human king
    Who gave my blade his name
    Useful for escaping
    Supports all think I’m lame
  5. My brother is the one you want
    The favorite of us
    But only I can see him now
    And so in me you trust
  6. I came in three, in four, in five
    And always in a stack
    Your friends all want to borrow me
    But never give me back
  7. Got three stuns that pack a sting
    A spell to find you with
    Cage match is my favorite thing
    Although I’m a blacksmith
  8. I’m kind of mentally insane
    But I’m great for every lane
    You should stun me or instead
    I’ll be dancing ‘till you’re dead
  9. I am moved with every patch
    And can swing an early fight
    There’s no one that is a match
    When I’m covered in a light
  10. I have learned a dozen spells
    While most have only four
    There are just no parallels
    In all the dota lore
  11. Buy me for my main effect
    There’s more that I can do
    Some can make things visible
    But I can slow them too
  12. While sisters quarrel to no end
    Their magics always clash
    We are one, and our own friend
    We’ll turn you into ash
  13. Doctor is what once I have been
    But that is true no more
    Death is all I revel in
    And pain’s what I adore
  14. When alone you call for help
    But no one hears your plea
    Pick this up to run or fight
    By splitting into three
  15. Dota 2 reporter
    Was a lovely treat
    I was the first hero seen
    What an awesome feat!
  16. Dads are famous, his and mine
    But we’re not at all same
    He seeks knowledge, I want war
    Bloodshed, tears, and fame
    Who am I, who is he, who is my dad?
  17. I run like Flash to catch my pray
    And cry as they TP away
  18. The cost of death is often high
    Spend it all or wait and cry?
  19. I’ll one shot you if you stay
    Miss me as I fade away
    I will slay supports all day
    RNG please roll my way!
  20. Distance means nothing to me
    I’ll be there in count of three
    Tower, creeps, or none at all
    One trap, one nuke, see you fall
  21. I am bright, a shining star
    Or so my dad will say
    He’s a pervert, senile too
    Be it as it may
    He is light, and I his son
    Our ultimates will slay
    Disco lights and glowing star
    Will turn the night to day
    Who am I, who is my dad?
  22. Sure I was cremated
    Yet I am alive
    I know that you hate it
    When I zip and dive
    No one can quite catch me
    I can dodge and weave
    I am quite immortal
    With my built-in cleave
  23. With name jokes aside
    Half of half of one
    Speed and might in stride
    Part of lots of fun
  24. I will sting with every bite
    I will bring on all the plight
    I will drag on every fight
    You are always in my sight
    Trust me you won’t have a clue
    Massive damage, and slow too
    Heavy armor won’t save you
    Log off, get out, no more queue
  25. Peacefully you walk down lane
    To each lane creep you bring pain
    But to me it’s very plain
    Insta-dead, you push in vain
    Go to reddit, and complain
    Am I driving you insane?
  26. Please I don’t want to hurt you
    You were not betrayed
    Sorry friend, it’s really true
    But too close I strayed
    It’s my mind she swayed
    Who is she?
  27. I love all the pokemon
    None of them are lame
    Even in the game smash bros
    The ‘puff is my main
  28. I try
    I cry
    I want to die
    No lie
    Oh why
    Can I not die?
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