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Iceberg’s comments on General’s kick [only most important takes]

Today Iceberg, midlaner of Na'Vi, appeared on Sh4dowehhh's stream and gave comments about this situation. There's some takes from his speech (he talked for about 40 minutes).
P.S. Sorry If there is some mistakes in my translate, I tried my best.

• Iceberg says that AWF chooses words and expressions poorly, and asks not to judge him by the video on the Navi channel, because all this was said with strong emotions. He thinks it's good that AWF didn't start the stream on April 7, but recorded the video in the studio. The video itself does not quite correctly explain the situation in the team, so Iceberg came to stream to Sh4dowehhh.

• In Dota, almost always everything worked like that – the players changed the roster. Navi are good, cause they gave the players freedom of action, because the organization does not always understand the whole atmosphere within the team. The way when the organization itself changes its composition works extremely rarely: “You don't have to go far for examples. Let's look at the Empire – there the players, as I know, don't decide much, in most cases the whole organization decides. And I haven't seen any glimpses yet. "

• The only mistake of the organization – they presented the situation poorly, because the team had a long history. It was necessary to tell everything at once.

• At the beginning of the 40-day bootcamp, the team had a great atmosphere, everyone was ready to play, but after that everything turned into a routine and not the most pleasant atmosphere. Iceberg in the second half of the bootcamp began to get lazy and play badly, and the whole team was unable to show a good game. “Even with the Gambits, we already had very huge problems then. <...> It was very difficult to win this game against Gambit. I think we are lucky that we got to the Major from the 2nd place ”.

• At the end of the bootcamp, the players didn't even joke on each other. "If you point out a mistake to a person in the game, he does not perceive it as if your team wants to make you better, but as if they want to beat you up."

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• Before the Major, the team agreed to enter the TS and discuss the Major. Iceberg and the Mag woke up early and sat together, and then the others pulled up, the General was absent: "Gena never even went to see these games, although V-Tune constantly called him."

• On one of the days of the Major, the team got together to discuss how to improve their game. The squad really needed someone who could call frequently and lead the team. Iceberg, on the other hand, could not do this from the midlane, so even the option with Bogdan in the top three was considered, but it was quickly abandoned.

• LeBron was taken because Mag played bad on the hard-support position. In the end, it turned out that Rodjer and Ramzes were very good on the lane, and the team played even better than with the full squad: "From that moment on, there was thoughts about how to change something."

None and Ramzes wrote to NAVI themselves that they want to try playing in a team. Without this, most likely, the roster would not have changed. But in the end, the proposal went into discussion, because the team had been looking for ways to improve their game for a long time. Iceberg himself did not think that such a replacement could happen.

Iceberg could also be kicked, taking None in his place, but the team gave him a second chance: “I told the team that now I am fully charged, motivated, since I did not stream, I spend a lot of time in Dota. I would like to be given a chance. They went to discuss all this for 40 minutes and decided to keep me on the team. "

• Iceberg spent a month preparing for the next season – he didn't stream, watched games and just played Dota. "During the Major, I woke up at 4 am (to watch the games) and left the computer at 11, and before that I just played from 10 am to 10 pm. Today's Navi is more a professional team than friends."

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• Bogdan was guided by the fact that he really wanted to get on the International, therefore he asked the team for a second chance: “I want to achieve results, I want to show myself. That is why I tried to tell them that I am as ready as possible to play and develop. " That is why Bogdan has no grudge against the team for being almost kicked.

• Iceberg fought with the General the most, he constantly asked him to call on the game (including on the lane), but it did not work: “I fought Gena the most, because I saw that Rodjer was really trying. Gena, for his part, was as categorical as possible on some issues. And it was impossible to agree with him on some things. It’s just impossible. Well, you played with Gena, and in general you know him as a person. There are things you can't put up with. <...> You should focus on the team and not on yourself. And this annoyed me personally very much. "

The General and Rodjer did not stack with each other, it was very difficult for them to stay the lane. At first, the team thought it was because Rogdjer had just joined the team and needed time to adapt. But over time, everything only got worse – there were constant conflicts, where everyone pulled the blanket over himself. All these conflicts were very serious, and the team was crumbling before our eyes: "We just resisted and could not do anything in this situation."

• There was indeed an agreement that the General was talking about, but at the bootcamp, phrases often slipped from him that he will leave from the team if everything will continue like this: “And here there is a question – you can leave but you can’t kick someone” (about a "man's word")

• There is no conflict between Ramzes and Rodjer, they communicate well with each other. If there were any questions for each other, then they have already solved them.

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• About General's story – this is his decision. I don’t know what I would have done in his place. You live with the idea that you are in the team, you are about to start a new season, and you get kicked the day before the end of the transfer window. <...> They did very ##### that Gena have no options. Because the roster locks in one day. And here I really sincerely and humanly feel sorry for Gena. Very sorry. ”

• If Iceberg asked the team for a second chance in the teamspeak, then the General simply left: “Gena is a proud guy, he just said“ Okay, bye. ” And he just came out. "

Navi did lose 39 clanwars out of 40 (Rodjer talked about 19 out of 20). At the same time, the situation there was very so-so: "We are playing severalclanwars, something happened, for example, on Rodjer's lane – we are canceling rest of clanwars."

• The General was kicked not because of his skill, but because of the team really needed captain. If Ramzes played not on pos1 / 3, but on 4, then Rodjer could have been kicked. Rodjer himself said on his Instagram that Ramzes was simply necessary for the team.



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