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IDEA: revamp Rylai’s Battle Blessing item drops

Content of the article: "IDEA: revamp Rylai’s Battle Blessing item drops"

I've opened at least 40 wheels of Rylai's Battle Blessing and none of the drops where worth my time. It has been an recurring topic in here that Rylai's Battle Blessing is a waste of time. At this point, it would be just a meme for the community to laugh at. Then, I went over to the Dota gamepedia site to see how low are the odds of getting a "decent drop" from this. And I wasn't even surprised that the odds of getting the trash sets of 2013 to 2015 is at 70%. For context, it would give players an 18.9% chance of getting an old treasure, a 7.5% chance of getting a garbage courier, 3% chance to get an announcer, a 0.5% chance of getting an immortal treasure, and 0.1% chance of getting an arcana. And I was thinking, what if Valve removed the old cosmetics from the drop list and gave us something that we can actually benefit from during the battle pass season? Here's what I had in mind:

  1. Get an Unusual Courier Cage at 2% chance (a cage that contains random Unusual Couriers excluding all Baby Roshan variants, Greevil and Golden Greevil with each courier that drops on an equal rate of approximately 1.85% chance each).
  2. Get a Prismatic Gem Box at 2% chance (box contains random Prismatic Gems excluding Baby Roshan Gems, Reflection's Shade, and Explosive Burst with each gem that drop on an equal rate of approximately 2.63% chance each)
  3. Get an Immortal Treasure 3 at 2.5% chance
  4. Get an Immortal Treasure 2 at 2.5% chance
  5. Get an Immortal Treasure 1 at 2.5% chance
  6. Get an Arcana at 0.1% chance (should be updated to contain MK, Jugg, Pudge, Rubick and Ogre Arcanas)
  7. Get a re-roll at 2.8995% chance
  8. Get 250 Battle Points at 30% chance
  9. Get 750 Battle Points at 15% chance
  10. Get 1,000 Battle Points at 7.5% chance
  11. Get 5,000 Battle Points at 3.75% chance
  12. Get the Cosmically rare emblem at 0.0005% chance
  13. Get a 2x 50% Wager Token at 8% chance
  14. Get a 1x 100% Wager Token at 7% chance
  15. Get a 2x 200% Wager Token at 6% chance
  16. Get a 1x 300% Wager Token at 5% chance
  17. Get a Trust of the Benefactor at 3% chance
  18. Get a GUARANTEED Rarities of the Benefactor at 0.05% chance
  19. Get a Crimson Immortal Treasure Chest at 0.1% chance (get 1 crimson treasure chest 2016-2019)
  20. Get a Superior Treasure Trove at 0.1% chance (contains all Golden Immortal Troves from Ti4 to Ti7 excluding the Golden Gravelmaw, each immortal has an equal drop rate of approximately 4.16%)
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All drop rates are heavily considerate of the supply and demand of the items in the community market (or I could be wrong because math isn't really my forte). I believe this would be a way more viable way of integrating better drops in Rylai's obnoxious wheel. This also considers the bp levels that Valve would be willing to give away to players.


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