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Idk what the fuck is going on with lane equilibrium when I play sidelanes

Content of the article: "Idk what the fuck is going on with lane equilibrium when I play sidelanes"

I'm mostly a mid player. But when I play safelane, I swear to god the creeps keep doing stupid shit, the equilibrium keeps fucking around and I have no idea what in hell is going on. Someone look at my (Riki) laning stage in this game please?

1st wave: I get the range creep, I walk back, enemy LC aggroes Dire creeps, Radiant creeps suddenly walk at me. The fuck. I proceed to fuck up by letting the tower assist me in killing one creep. Suddenly, the lane equilibrium has shifted to the middle of the lane, and I have a big wave coming up because I killed my 2 creeps while the enemy duo just tanked the 2 creeps.

2nd wave: my Ogre went to pull because I fucked the lane equilibrium. So I missed a bunch of CS because I was 1v2 and getting zoned out.

3rd wave: Thanks to the pull, I got 5 creeps to kill under tower.

4th wave: No thanks to the pull, I got yet another double wave coming up and I am yet again in a 1v2 situation. I get just one creep.

5th wave: My THREE ranged creeps are pushing the wave all the way into enemy tower (how the fuck did there become three ranged creeps???) . Once again I am 1v2 and forced to miss yet another wave.

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And so on. I'm constantly getting fucking double waves while 1v2 and just have to watch helplessly while my idiot creeps push into enemy tower and I get zoned out of any CS.

Is that it? Was not tanking the 2 creeps the major lane-losing mistake?? Forcing my Ogre to constantly pull and create double waves?? Is the support here at fault too for leaving the carry 1v2 or for not stacking before pulling to completely reset the lane?

I just don't fucking get it. Mid lane is so easy. Nearly everywave you can contest and there's no pull shenanigans. Not to mention most midlaners have great waveclear.

When I play offlane it's not nearly as bad as this. Offlane is so easy to get farm. The hard camp pull kills your entire wave. Offlaners are naturally stronger than the enemy carry and have decent waveclear. The offlane support can maintain relatively close distance to the lane while pulling, while a safelane support has to disappear behind the tower for 30 seconds to pull, only to get 1 creep denied.

Can someone please just watch the first few waves of the replay and tell me if its true that a single fuckup ruins the rest of the lane (don't bother with the rest of the game since the morphling kept getting solokillled by SF razes and my support started blocking our own camps)

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