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If There Is So Much Free Help, Why Do People Still Not Focus On Improving Themselves?

Content of the article: "If There Is So Much Free Help, Why Do People Still Not Focus On Improving Themselves?"

I had an interesting conversation with some of my best buddies last night on discord, and this is the reason why I would like to open a conversation to exchange opinions, share our thoughts on that very thing. The conversation started when my 4 Ancient friends complained that we don’t play games ranked games due to MMR difference. They proposed having a second account whereas I explain to them that smurfing is not an option. There will be no fun because the skill difference is going to be quite enough to win most of the games. We all enjoy easy games, but not when you play 2-3k below your MMR. What I suggested them instead was to gain around 500MMR to reach that Divine 1, to be able to play ranked games together. And here were the arguments that almost all 4 of them represented:

  1. Every 3rd game I have to face a smurf or a griefer. Everybody ruins my games at a point that I have 50% forced. Even in the games where I perform really good, there is another lane that’s going to have a bad start and give up 5minutes in.

Griefing: Yes, some games we are going to auto lose them the moment we start. But the same thing applies to the opponent as well. We have the same chances of having a ruiner as well as to face a ruiner. How many times have we killed an offlaner or a midlaner and he raged BB or abandoned the game?
Smurfing: For someone that tries to climb that’s annoying. It feels like an auto loss. But unless you are a midlaner, the same thing applies just as griefing. You have the same chances of playing with a smurf rather than winning.
If you are a midlaner that’s a little bit tricky since you will most likely have to face himself. I am not saying what’s happening is acceptable, but things are just as it is right now and a mid player that wants to grind, will probably have to face a few. It’s valves job to address this issue but until it’s done, we have to deal with that.
Here’s another point of view though that I would like to address with a chess example.
Recently, I played in a tournament with a 400elo higher opponent. Even though I played better, had better-opening preparation, I managed to get a pawn advantage. A 100% pure technique skill would have given me the win ,and I had multiple opportunities winning, but I managed to blind myself, threw all of my advantages, and got a draw. In other words, if I cannot beat this guy, I am just not good enough to be there in the first place

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2 "I don’t have enough time". Now, I know this guy. He has his own business and a full-on schedule. But at the same time, he has a total of 6000 hours. To elaborate, you need approximately about 270hours to be an “expert” on something. Imagine spending 6000 hours on Java programming, chess or just playing guitar. Would that be an argument there? This is more food for thought.

Nevertheless, time management can be an issue. Some of us are a little bit “older”. We are not in high school or in university anymore, we got jobs, taxes, bills and some of the people here are married with kids (kudos boys). The counter-argument is that even if people are busy (since I coached A LOT of people over here and had them to fill an application), there was not a single person that played less than 10 games weekly. The average player was at about 15 to 20 which is a couple of games per week (less on weekdays more on weekends) and on top of that watch content. That’s 60 to 80 games per month, which is more than enough to see results once you have things figured out. That can be an issue if you play 4 games a week. Then progress can be slow as fuck, if not at all. Yet again, this post is not for these players.

3) The third friend told me that the meta does not favor him. He is a midlaner that likes high tempo heroes, like Puck, QoP, Ember, Storm, etc and he feels like these heroes get countered and are pretty weak.
Now, this is a sensitive topic. Multiple people make posts daily about this subject. Yes, some heroes can be weak or weaker than others from patch to patch. But most of the heroes are actually in a fine place. Meta does not favor anything below a certain level. These heroes though can never be “bad” unless they screw up with the numbers of the hero (let’s say reduced remnants damage in storm spirit). Heroes with solid laning, with split push potential, being able to gang, has solid item/level spikes (puck level 6) can never be bad. Making good rotations, playing around the hero that you can have the most impact, and an out of meta hero is a good hero. Are spamming hero and meta picks, like Lycan previous patch, the way to gain MMR? Yes and No.
Yes, you will gain MMR.
No, you will lose the moment the hero gets nerfed.
No, you will lose it eventually if you are suddenly in a bracket that you can’t execute even that hero.
Exceptions can be made.

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4)I see no useful information. The content speaks about the pro levels and I had a few coaching sessions that did not help me***.
Now, this is something I can understand and relate to. Many people watch multiple dota videos and don't seem to have progress. But there are so many youtube channels with information out there that is still food for thought even if the info is not the greatest. It gives you something to think about. There is so much free coaching on Reddit and content on Youtube that progress should be made almost for anyone that's willing to search or pay. Now, for a player that is unfamiliar with the type of content and coaching, I will list down below a few of the Youtube channels, Free coaching/ Discord servers, and paid coaching to emphasize my points. This is not a promotion.

These are some known youtube channels with some good info generally that have influenced the community or generally have good tips.
5)ProGuides Dota 2 Tips, Tricks and Guides (Old Dota Alchemy)
6)Dota Bowie:
7)DotaRollercoaster: That's meme channel.
There are way more than them, that gets posted on Reddit like AndreeeDota

On top of that people constantly offer free Coaching and Discord Servers: There are literally so many discord and free coaching that it was hard for me to track them down to post the names in the post. There are multiple people over here, giving replay analysis over their twitch channel. There's also Kios Academy, a community that offers to coach as well, has different events, and all kinds of people inside. Do a little research to find the discord server. It is also quite beneficial.

There is also a paid coaching for those you can spend a few bucks or more than just a few more bucks. Some examples are dotarollercoaster, gamersensei, gameleap, etc. There are people over on Fiverr. There is literally anything out there but people seem to struggle a lot. Do we really miss something or do we have to accept that most of the people, just like me, have just hit our cap? I think there is always room to improve. Dota is more of a thinking game rather than clicking fast. We don't need the mechanics of RTZ to a decent level.

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Obviously, these are just some thoughts and my point of view. My suggestion is to filter anything from the above channels and the coaching sessions. Let's have a conversation though to talk about the issues that you face right now.

What are the reasons you believe that you can't achieve your goals? Is it one of the above or is it something else?
Most importantly, what have you done so far to fix the problems that you face? What have you tried to overcome the struggles that you face? I know there are a lot of people that find content great and have improved them but on the other side there are people that claim to not have improved at all.

Looking forward to your answers!


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