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If you pick pos 1 offlane you are the reason you are losing games

Content of the article: "If you pick pos 1 offlane you are the reason you are losing games"

In case you haven't noticed, here's what happens when you pick wk/void/pa/weaver/spec offlane and play like you are position 1 safelane:

  • Your mid will most likely be forced to pick a more utility oriented hero rather than a space creator/tempo one to offset for the lack of these abilities in your team
  • Enemy pos 1 will have uncontested farm, you won't be able to prevent that because your hero is not designed to do so
  • You will retreat to the jungle at 5 mins mark because you have no farm
  • Your team will play 3vs5 most of the game without any space or pos 1 will be forced to take fights early on to offset the fact that you are consuming space and resources that should be reserved for them
  • You still won't farm because the enemy team will win fights and take control of the map and a 15 minutes midas won't change that
  • No matter how long the game lasts and how many items you get, enemy team will always have gold and exp advantage

So instead of flaming a mid player that destroyed his lane and had to spend half the game ganking safelane because you don't use a single tp once, your safelaner because he doesn't have high gpm not having a safe place to get gold or your supports that can't ward because the enemy is all over the map pick a decent utility core.

There's a plethora of exceptionally good heroes that can single handed win the offlane while being able to also win the game with a decent amount of farm that you can get while making space and taking fights.

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Thank you.

EDIT: I'm not saying that playing a pos 1 hero as 3 is inherently bad but that if you still play it like you are pos 1 then it's bad. Imho, some cores are flexible enough to be played in different ways (take a weaver with crest and aghs, which I like), some are not and by design (take a pa) can't play the lane like heroes born to play the 3 role (like a slardar or an axe). And vice versa.

EDIT 2: The argument "you are playing pos 1 with support vs pos 1 with support so you can win or have the same lane outcome" feels wrong to me. In the offlane you are not supposed to get the same farm as the enemy core, the objective is to make their lane miserable and prevent their farm and take that advantage into teamfights and space making. Even if you do win or have the same lane result, your team will have two heroes with the same farm priority effectively halving the resources available for both of them (and that without even considering that mid GENERALLY has a higher farm priority than offlane meaning the resources available in term of gold are even less).


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