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I’m new to dota, need help.

I don't know if this is the right sub to post this. I am posting here because I usually gravitate towards learning games in a top-down manner, sharpening my understanding of the game before getting good at it. If this isnt the right place, I apologize.

I just got into dota being a complete beginnere when it comes to Mobas, and I'd like some advice when it comes to heroes, roles, strategies etc.


I wanna get to a point where I'm mostly confident with the game and I can confidently play a game without throwing. I dont necessarely wanna get super good, but I'd like to be above average at the game and understand it.


I've been watching some videos about roles and builds and strategies, but I struggle to piece everything together in a way that makes sense. I know what roles are in the game, but I have no way of reliably knowing in what position each hero is played and what positions/heroes I want to pick.


First of all, I need someone to tell me how the courier works, because I just can't find a good guide on the matter. Furthermore, I need a clue on what I'm doing when it comes to buying items, so I'd like some advice on that even tho I assume that this particular skill also comes with experience.

Second, I wanna know what position I should play. I watched some videos on the topic but I can't be confident it. To facilitate the process, I'll breifely describe what I want out of a Role in a game.

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– I usually play either high mobilty heroes or high game sense heroes. I like to rely on my positioning and comms rather then mechanics to win games. I play offtank in ow (by far my most played game), a role all about positioning, game sense, awareness etc. My favourite hero in that game is I love the way she defines the borders of the fight and the way she has to be everywhere at once.

– When it comes to Dota itself, for my understanding is that pretty much all roles have impact if played intelligently, so that shouln't be a problem. I want to be able to contribute in team fights, I want to rely on position and routing over last-hitting, I want to scale in a way that makes me relatively strong in all stages rather then being super strong in the late game and weak at the beginning (or viceversa – I don't like the idea of playing carry or 5 pos from what I know). I very much prefere ranged heroes over melee ones, even tho I'm open to the idea of playing every hero for now, and I'd like a stun in my kit and potentially a strong AoE ultimate (which would allow me to win team fights in my flawed mind, but maybe that's pure bullshit and it doesn't work at all that way). Again, I'd like some early-game mobility, without having to rely on the late-game items to dive targets or get out of situations.

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I know my ideas are very confused, but I hope to gather some info that I'll later examin and filter out. For instance, in most games high mobility and high game-sense/positioning don't go together, but I just put down some random thoughts in hope that someone gives me some direction.

The third thing I need are resources like wikis where I can check what my hero does and how it's played, some streamer that I can fall back on (preferably someone who plays the roles you think I should play given the info I gave you), some yt channels. To be more specific on that last one, I want a youtube channel like "your overwatch", if you are at all into ow. Someone that explaines in a straight foward way complicated gameplay ideas and keeps me updated on the more efficient strategies, tactics, meta trends and more. I know purge, and he's great but I'm looking for more. On that same note, I know GameLeap and ProGuides make dota videos, but in games that I actually understand I find their content to be very surface-level and a bit too generic, offering "the only <insert hero> guide you'll ever need" after a week the hero is launched. Again, I don't know if such channels make very in depth content when it comes to dota, but I have a problem with their content in other games so I'd like to know if the situation is any different in this game.

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Every futher explaination of any of the ideas I brought up is greately appreciated, as I am just a beginner looking for anything to latch on to.


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