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I’m sliding into a spiral of despair and need so much help

Content of the article: "I’m sliding into a spiral of despair and need so much help"

Here's my Opendota:

I'm at a loss. Something like 10 ranked losses in a row.

I climbed up from Herald II at the beginning of calibration to being one game away from Guardian V. Then the spiral happened, my percentage on my medal disappeared, and finally last night I got demoted to Guardian III.

When things were going well, I was playing a lot of Lycan and Beastmaster offlane, then I spammed Bloodseeker mid for LOTS of games and started to climb very quickly. I hit a wall when they nerfed him, then climbed back up when they fixed him again, and even started having some good success with BS offlane Euls build that has become a thing in the pro circuit.

But then this loss streak popped out of nowhere. I've tried mixing up my roles, heroes, party and nonparty, nothing helps.

So many of my games, there are foreigners (I'm on US East, English setting) who scream constantly in South American languages and never leave the jungle until the ancient is being pushed in. Other games there will be a feeder (last night a Clockwerk soft support that went like 0-7 in six minutes).

I see a ton of posts where a high MMR player swoops in and says "well if you're good enough, toxic and bad teammates don't matter, you can just carry the game." I really don't see how. Mathematically if you can never get your team together you either fall super far behind by avoiding any conflict or you feed because it's impossible to 1v5 no matter how mechanically good you are — at the end of the day, you have a limited amount of damage you can soak for a given hero vs the amount another team puts out.

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BUT, if it IS possible, I want to be one of those players. I am so tired of losing and hitting an MMR wall. I want teammates who play as a team and know the basics of the game. I study this game and watch tons of YouTube videos, and I teach my friends who've been playing for many more years things they don't know about the game because of what I've read on this sub and elsewhere.

SO I want to know what I'm doing wrong. I know there's no way I am playing perfect. But I have watched my replays and can't really identify what I'm doing. I don't know how to catch fire and solo carry games like these people talk about doing. Please anyone look at my Opendota, I'm totally open to advice and criticism because I can't take not improving and constantly slipping backward.

FWIW, one of my friends who has played since the beginning of DOTA 2 who I queue with a lot told me this happens once or twice a year to him too where the matchmaker will give him terrible teammates and mates who clearly are on the wrong server, etc. Is part of this just bad matchmaking because the player base is shrinking?

For reference, my behavior score is usually 10,000, last report was 9,600 or something. I've admittedly gotten more toxic because I have such asshole teammates. I had a guy pick Spirit Breaker, sit in fountain to only charge off cooldown, die and go back in fountain until next charge while he spammed Chinese characters in the chat.

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