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improving as a carry pt 1

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Farming – I think it's important to understand what this means as a carry. When I started playing the role what I knew was that I needed to farm as much as possible and "carry" my team to win the game. What I learned over-time was how, where, and when to farm, and eventually what items to buy in what order.

Here's my thought process on farming and how it expanded over the course of 5000+ games:

Get good at last hitting (lh) in lane > lh in lane without dying > Trading with enemy efficiently while still getting lh > Farm pattern from lane to jungle and back > Knowing when to jungle > Stacking while jungling > Farming towards potential team fights > Farming in a way that isn't AFK and helps my team > understanding my heroes farm capability and using what I've learned for max efficiency > to be determined

I think the dota2 community has reached the point where almost everyone regardless of skill level have the first 4 down pat (how to). Honestly maybe not at sub 1k, but from crusader to legend I would say people can lh, sustain lane somewhat, and use spells/autos to trade in between. So to create separation the higher skill players have taken it one level further by being able to manage the side camps near lane as well. To add another degree of separation players have learned how to do the above but with a presence and keeping themselves in position to join a fight or clean up. I think this trait (where to) is hard for a lot of players to learn and it's what frustrates teammates the most; when a team loses a 4v4 or 4v5 fight and the carry could've been there and made impact but didn't put himself in position to by farming too far away without a TP scroll or misuse of spells and not being ready.

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Another big factor of farming I don't think many new players/normal skill players don't have is a full understanding of how to farm the hero they're playing. I've seen many anti-mages and juggs from archon to ancient farming jungle and triangle while sidelane creepwaves are marching to their towers. Easy farm missed. It becomes a bigger problem if your other cores are incapable of safely cutting waves and taking that kind of farm, meaning they will either feed, fight with no networth, or idle until you're ready. On the contrary if you're playing such a hero you can easily farm waves and push safely given you have escape mechanisms, giving your team more options. Inherently you also force the enemy to react, giving your team a chance to take an advantageous fight or make a play. Of course there are heroes that can't really do this to a degree like Drow or Sven; actually they accel at jungling and sometimes it is greater to leave the lane as soon as possible to do so, since they can farm camps fast and hit timings sooner than had they stayed in a lane. To take this to another level, sometimes circumstances will not allow you to do what you plan. If you're Juggernaut but the enemy has Slardar, you can no longer push lanes and spin tp out without risk of being stunned, thus you'll have to adjust your farm pattern with that threat in mind. If you're a sven against a beastmaster or bounty hunter jungling or farming far from your team may be a challenge because heroes like that can keep vision of you and run at you.

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Dealing with farm deficiencies and adjusting patterns is not that difficult but when you reach a certain skill level you start to realize the impact of having to deal with these deficiencies in the first place can have and how much harder it becomes to win those games. At this point people finally start to appreciate the importance of drafting, another topic for another day.


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