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improving as a carry pt 2

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Fighting – This one can be difficult to determine and even up to now I sometimes get it wrong.

Knowing when strong > How to cast spells > Positioning > Target priority > fight or flight > Efficiency

A good carry knows when he is strong enough to kill. My biggest challenge mastering this is how soon. I would miss many early opportunities or not even consider because I didn't think I was strong enough during lane phase. During this time you practically have no items but regen, so calculating your hp/mana and determining if you can out-trade the enemy without dying yourself can be difficult. I probably die more frequently now than I did when I was lower MMR but I'm also getting those way closer kills where an enemy didn't think they would die when they overstepped, and I walk away with 15% hp or less, pop a salve and the lane is won. In short, I'm pushing my hero to its limits more and all players shouldn't be scared to try this. The better you know your heroes limits, the more moves you can make, the more you can exploit your enemy.

Casting spells sounds as easy as clicking a button but is it? Even as a Jugg you have to decide in a fight do you lead with omnislash then spin? Or do you hold omnislash for that perfect moment? When I started playing Sven I made simple mistakes such as activating godstrength before the fight began and the enemy immediately sees and kites out. Now I have no ult for 80 seconds and am useless. I would also superman stun (aghs) heroes without even checking their inventory for blink, bkb, lotus. Or I would try to chase stun a fleeing hero not considering their team in the fog ready to counter initiate, yet I've flown so far my own team can't back me up.

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Positioning goes hand in hand with spell casting, since your position will determine if you can get off a good spell cast, but when I think of positioning I think more about can I kill if I do this, are they able to respond, will I die as a result or can I get away. To take it one level further, can the map be utilized ie high-ground, trees/fog.

Target priority. I recently lost a very close game as Clinkz (10-6) where we almost made a nice comeback. It was totally winnable and my support didn't flame me til the very end but he was right. My mind was stuck 40 minutes in to kill the supports first (sky/lion) instead of the cores (LS/NS). The big issue actually was the last item I made; I went nullifier instead of completing a rapier, but this stems to my choice of target priority being the supports (they had ghost scepter/glimmer). If I had prioritized in my mind to kill the cores I would've built the rapier instead, and probably won us the game.

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Fight or flight is going to be one of those things when not everyone will be happy with your choice. I'm sure everyone has those moments where your team is pushing T3 and you as a carry realize your hp/mana is low, you don't have ult, and enemy is approaching respawn so you leave, but your legion stayed too long got caught and died. Maybe you saw 2 supports in a team fight with low hp and you said to yourself oh man I can dive back in for this double kill, but you only have half hp and mana for 1 spell. The biggest challenge I faced in improving at making these types of choices was first based on myself, then understanding what my team can do and communicating. There's nothing more satisfying then trading your hero down to 20% hp, kiting out, asking your lich to frost shield you so you can turn back in finish the kill, and walk away with 10% hp. Being able to make plays like that can be the tiebreaker in really close matches where neither team is giving in.

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