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"Inka is an agility range hero that is designed to be an anti-elusive hero. With her skillset, she can pin down pesky nuisance heroes with escapes. She can clear creep waves with ease, scout areas in the map and her ultimate ensures that her grasp on her targets are never short and limited."

OP's note : Inka is a good counter against enemy heroes of with escapes. She has root, silence and snare, tools perfect against said heroes. Her ultimate allows her to catch-up to enemies or to simply distance herself away from danger while ensuring her presence in team fights or skirmishes is always present.

Inka's aesthetics resembles that of north-american natives. With feather headdress on top of her head, wielding a dagger on her right hand and her bow on the left. She has war paint all over her face and arms.


Arrow Volley – Inka shoots out a wave of arrows towards the target a 360 radius AoE area. The wave of arrows lands after a second delay. Enemies in the area once the arrows land are damaged by 100/150/200/250 magic damage and applied with 1.2/1.8/2.4/3 seconds. Invisible enemies may be hit and damaged by the arrows and also reveals them during the root duration.

Cast range : 650/725/800/875

Mana cost : 80/90/100/110

Cooldown : 13

Sacred Ground – Target a 380 radius AoE to begin channeling for 4 seconds. After the channeling time, the target area is turned to a Sacred Ground and enemies caught on its creation is inflicted with 80/140/190/240 magic damage. The Sacred Ground lasts for 8 seconds and enemy units inside this area is silenced and slowed by 25/30/35/40%.

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Cast range : 600

Mana cost : 75/85/95/105

Cooldown : 18

Huntress' Snare – This ability is a Target point-vector ability. Target a tree then drag the cursor to determine the cone-shaped area of this skill. Inka shoots out a magical arrow towards the target tree. The arrow then transform the target tree to an enchanted tree upon its landing to it. The enchanted tree grants unobstructed vision on its determined 400 cone-shaped AoE. Any enemy hero that enters the tree's vision range will be dragged towards it then leashed for 1.4/2/2.6/3.2 seconds. The enchanted tree lasts for 30 seconds.

Cast range : 850/875/900/925

Mana cost : 110

Cooldown : 22

The Spirit Journey – Inka begins channeling upon targeting a location for 20 seconds. She creates a spirit clone of herself towards there that materializes and able to act after a second. The spirit clone has the same stats as her, but it takes 150% damage to all sources and it has unobstructed movement. Inka and her clone shares in cooldowns and mana costs. If Inka is interrupted while channeling, this skill is cancelled and the spirit will disappear. The spirit clone will be automatically selected once the channeling begin. SCEPTER UPGRADEABLE : Grants a sub-ability that will allow Inka to appear towards the clone's location, which then ends the channeling.

Cast range : 2000

Mana cost : 150/200/250

Cooldown : 70


LVL. 25 ~ 2 Arrow Volley charges // Arrow Volley disarms

LVL. 20 ~ 35% spirit clone attack damage // 1.8s Huntress' Snare leash

LVL. 15 ~ +110 Sacred Ground damage // 120 cast range

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LVL. 10 ~ 20 attack damage // 25 movement speed


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