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Is abandoning suddenly less punished?

Content of the article: "Is abandoning suddenly less punished?"

Start of yesterday 2970 MMR, looking to finally break into the 3k. At 10k conduct, easily played 100 games over the past month and not seen any abandons.

Here's my experience from yesterday:

Game 1: Rubick hard support/Pudge support. Safe lane says "GG can't farm now", then "Will jungle". Really confused, apparently he's mad at the rubick pick not the pudge. Picks wrath king jungles from 1min, gets ganked and dies, then abandons.

Game 2: WindRunner hard support picked. I don't comment on it as if they buy the right items fair enough. Steals last hits, builds first item MKB, but doesn't finish it by end of game. Game falls apart with no supports and 2 half carries.

Game 3: Tough game we slightly behind, just got to play safe in hg, easily winnable. At 20mins slark gets ganked, destroys all his items, afk with shadow pendent. Game over.

Game 4: Tough game, slightly ahead but techies means we can't make any aggressive plays. Wrath king gets picked off multiple times keeps playing techies parts of maps, even though we have other side warded, keep telling him to play in warded part. At 25mins he just abandons. We were still ahead by 10k in networth checking the chart.

All stressed out, I go to bed really frustrated. Today finally chilled out decide to play again.

Game 1 today: Game going really well, some pressure on void he dies twice in lane but we are crushing all other lanes, start rotating to help. We win a team fight 4kills to 1, only void dies but that's his tipping point, at 15mins he abandons

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Is abandoning less punished suddenly? I've had loads of great games recently climbing upto my highest ever MMR to suddenly these 5 games where I'm uncertain if I want to continue playing the game as I've basically just wasted time and added loads of stress and frustrating to myself. I don't care about the MMR but the time feels wasted as all the games were just completely unenjoyable.


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