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is it time to try a new role?

Content of the article: "is it time to try a new role?"

i've been playing dota basically almost every day for some months now, and i almost always play mid. i've been playing mostly the same heros, like pango, void spirit, ember spirit, some qop, however ever since i started playing again, i've basically gained 0 mmr. it's went up and down but it's mostly stayed at around 2.1k. anytime it rises up i end up losing a whole bunch right after. what's even worse about that is that i feel like i've gotten MUCH much better from when i started a couple months ago (played a lot from 2014-2016 but started again in like may), i never paid a lot of attention to what was going on in the game. but now i feel like i am a lot more in tune with whats happening than before and i can often do well in the early-mid game. but from my perspective, what seems to happen is that my early-mid game performance doesn't often translate into a win, and the only time it does is really when the carry player on my team is simply better than the carry player on the other team. maybe i have the totally wrong idea of how to play mid but generally i try to of course win my own lane however depending on the matchup but then especially on heros like ember, void, and pango after i hit 6 i immediately start looking around the map for kills. i try to focus on ganking the enemy safelane so that that tower can go down earlier (i've read that it's an important tower generally). but after the game hits a point where the enemy mid and safelane towers are gone, it seems like everyone just wants to farm. and of course if im playing like ember with a magic build or void spirit or pango, those heros will fall off the longer the game goes (generally). so basically i feel like i've improved a lot but my mmr is the exact same and some games just feel outright unwinnable. if i'm not having any success with mid should i just try a new role? i would try carry but i dont really enjoy farming so much, i want to be fighting early on.

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