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Is radiance on spectre actually a farming item? Also other questions about one of my favorite carrys.

Content of the article: "Is radiance on spectre actually a farming item? Also other questions about one of my favorite carrys."

I ask because according to:

most spectres who build radiance dont actually have more last hits at the 30min mark. As a fighting item it seems like 35dps from illusions is outclassed by a diffusal and you would come online/benefit from a more early game focused build. I mean the aoe evasion and dps seems good. I like providing team wide evasion and aoe pressure around spectre. I know its probably the best item on her but I always hear about how amazing at farming it is but the stats in 5-5.5k bracket dont seem to suppport that. My mmr is not high and my item understanding is low especially on a difficult to farm item.

Dont get me wrong games you can get a radiance at a good timing it seems strong but its also in my experience worse than being an asset in the first 18-22mins of the game.

I was wondering if I should aim to get radiance most games even when pressured or lost lane (which is very frequent) or if I should just stay focused on fighting items.

Ive also read on this subredddit about how good blademail is at farming but again stats dont seem to support that claim (especially if you consider for me ancients will never be stacked). Also outside of big damage that cant be stopped ive always hated blademail with exception of strong early dps heroes that need its ganking potential.

I like meteor hammer for early sustain and the ability to kill towers early but the farming ability when you have no stacks seems questionable.

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I currently am leaning torwards a early ring of tarasque for lane sustain to later turn in a heart (its much cheaper than ring of health and available from main shop so easier to get when needed). Then fast treads into drums or vice versa. I wonder about urn vs drums for early fighting/gank. Also the value of vessel later.

I love manta rush because two extra desolate on a target seem to be the biggest power spike in terms of kill potential. Then into diffusal for slow/extra dmg or even vice versa. From there the norm seems to be skadi/basher but with the early ring heart seems ok.

I know this all over the place but I love spectre but games seem to largely be decided before radiance. A stronger early game presence has lead me to snowballing or much better contribution.

So why am I wrong? Is radiance really the best all end all for spectre? What am I missing. I know my logic on spectre is fucking awful relative to decent dota players but I have dumb questions. Thanks for your time reading this shit. I am aware of manta radiance farming but still the stats seem to question its relevance.

Id appreciate any further input on spectre because ive read quite a bit and watched several videos and players. Thank you.


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