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Jakiro, the best all-around support

Pros: * Strong laner * AOE nukes and disable * Very strong push * Deceptively tanky early * Huge Range * Low cooldowns

Cons * Everything is slow about this hero. Movespeed, casting, tower siege. * Countered by bkb/dispels/mobility * Icepath can be difficult to land without setup. * Heavy mana usage

This has been my go-to hero for the past 2 or 3 weeks, and I've improved my win rate by about 3% with him. Here's how I've been playing him.

In lane it's pretty easy, I buy mana Regen and I spam dual breath until I'm out of mana, and then I drop back and pull.

My goal is to pull continuously, giving as much solo exp to the 1 as possible. Unless the 4 is an omni or aba, I typically can force them out of my pull area with Q and E and right clicks.

Jak is actually very tanky early, and a lot of players in my bracket dont seem to understand that, so I'm happy to trade with a lot of heroes.

At level 3 I always take 2nd point in dual breath. IIRC it doubles in effectiveness, and its actually a pretty big power spike for jakiro. This is generally when I start to play aggressively in the lane. Dual breath + carry contribution is enough to drive most offlaners out, or kill them outright.

At level 4 you hit another small power spike when you level ice path. You should use this to further secure your lane.

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At around 8 to 10 minutes, I'm starting to look at whether my carry needs me in lane or not. If not, I'm moving to mid to help push, or let the mid roam. If the mid is not able to do either then Im headed to offlane to get aggressive there.

From this point on, you just need to evaluate what the team wants to do, and what you need to do to enable that.

Pretty easy as Jakiro:

Create space? Push mid or pressure on the offlane, force tps.

Team fight? Smoke with 3 and 4 and get deep wards. Early game, try to bait the people that think you're a squishy support. Later on, sit to the back and spam your spells. Hope they don't buy bkb.

Even better if they can fight without you, because now you can push solo.

Jakiros greatest strength as 5 is his versatility. He does a lot of damage, he has aoe disables. He can push lanes solo, and do something most 5's can't do alone, which is actually threaten towers.

If enemy team doesnt have treant, every time you hit that tower with liquid fire is damage they cant stop. With his attack range talent, he can do it very safely and consistently.

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If you can push a lane and force TPs as a solo pos 5, you are creating a huge amount of space.

If you die, it's not a huge deal because typically you're dying with the lane pushed to their tower, and you're just a pos 5 so they dont get much out of the kill, and even if they get the lane pushed back to your tower, you're generally alive again and you can defend.

One of the biggest revelations I had playing Jakiro is simply using macropyre more. I would hold on to that spell just for team fights. While it is an incredible spell for fighting, it is also an insane tool for pushing and defending towers. You lay down macro, and most pushes are completely shutdown unless they have something that really shreds towers quickly.

A lot of times I'm throwing macro on incoming creep waves to completely stop pushes, because generally if I can stop that push before it gets to the tower, I also am putting a stop to the team fight that would happen after anyway.

If you play Jakiro, buy his shard as soon as you can. The amount of damage it does to towers is actually insane. I regularly have 10k building damage as Jakiro. I think the item is absolutely core on the hero directly after solving his mana problem. After that, I think you're free to buy pretty much whatever you want.

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My build is usually tranqs wand euls shard glimmer, but there are tons of options. I think hes a great mek and pipe carrier as well. Generally you make pretty good gold as jakiro as you're pushing lanes alot.

Please, if you're a jakiro player, and you see anything I'm missing, mention it here. I'd love to learn more tips and tricks, like ice pathing in front of you if you're being chased (awful turn time + cast animation).


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