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Just calibrated newish player, have some questions related to hero usage and general questions.

Content of the article: "Just calibrated newish player, have some questions related to hero usage and general questions."

Edit: Recently calibrated, 1st time not just.

Hello all, started playing due to Covid and having watched a long time friend play a lot, calibrated at Herald 5, and have climbed up to Crusader 2 in the last 2 months or so. But I have a few hero specific questions, and a couple generic.

Generic questions first, watching some youtubers play I see them with 400k shards, and I was curious how people get/got so many? Was it a battle pass giving them out like candy, because even with a good guild and doing the contracts I don't see how anyone gets that many unless I'm missing some easy acquisition.

2nd how does Holy Locket work? Does it work? Going into hero demo's and trying it out, I got 0 difference in healing done (at least what I was able to visibly see with the numbers shown). Tried it on Treant, I saw that it doesn't work with health Regen so his armor doesn't get effected but Leech Seed showed no difference. Tried it with Omni, and his Q showed no additional healing being done. Or does it not work with demo? Tried it with Undying also, set up 5 target dummies, and soul ripped them at max lvl no items then with the locket and there was 0 additional healing being shown.

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Hero specific. 1.)What is considered a good game to pick Treant? I really like him, but I find myself feeling like had I picked another hero I would have more usefulness. My long games that I get AGHS and win the vision war, I kind of feel that I would've won the game earlier had I picked a more impactful support. If I go boot > hammer > aghs then I feel like I don't always get the most use out of my tree wards due to time. If I don't bother with aghs and go blink then I might as well have played another hero. 2.)how useful is tower healing really? 1/9th of a T1 tower can be healed per cast, at a max lvl cast with talent, so in 2 minutes you can pick a tower all the way back up from 1 hp, with a 12% damage reduction and it's global but it seems so much less impactful then lich's shield when it matters (reacting and counter pushing vs accepting that you can't stop the enemy from taking a tower.) 3rd) and last why is the CD reduction talent always recommended? It's 3 seconds off my hammer 2 off my blink,12 seconds off my ult, which I've honestly never found myself really noticing, compared to 40 additional pulsed heal, which can be the difference between a near death or a comfortable survival. Clearly I'm missing something as all top players are picking it, but I'm just not seeing it I guess.

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