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Just did my first Overwatch case. Here’s my thoughts/feedback.

To start, I think the Overwatch feature in general is a wonderful idea. Despite DOTA being much harder to discern smurfing and other offenses than in other games, it's still possible and more likely to be detected by community members than a small team of Valve employees. Anyway, let's get to the good and the bad.

The good:

I genuinely like the marker system and how you can skip between report moments for your convenience. I also think it's great that everything is anonymous so as to avoid harassment or targeting of certain players. I understand there was a bug that ruined the anonymity of the program, but bugs are bugs and once it's been removed there shouldn't be an issue. For being a new feature of the game, Overwatch is for the most part well polished and thought out, unlike some of Valve's other ideas. Not naming any names, but Arc Warden at release knows who he is.

What I think could be improved:

Please show the average skill level of every game reviewed. Whether it's a medal or MMR number or "low skill" or "high skill" show the skill level. It's an important thing to look at when considering smurfing or scripting. With player perspective it should still be easy to tell if someone is scripting, but regardless it doesn't hurt to add this feature. Another feature I think would be well worth it is showing the chatlog for both the game and the team in question. In some games I will say "reported" in chat about a friend I'm queued with and while I don't report them myself, some people might, just to be funny. While it's not entirely possible to tell if people are joking in these instances, it's worth a shot considering how it could help weed out false reports. A final piece I would add to this program to make it worthwhile would be an optional text box for feedback during the finalized report. For example, someone who is reporting for scripting when they're actually smurfing could be reviewed and therefore reported as such. Obviously Valve doesn't consider smurfing a reportable offense as of yet but hopefully that will change. In addition, this could provide a way to be more specific than just the given categories of reports.

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TL;DR: I think Overwatch is an excellent addition to DOTA, with the markers and privacy for the reported games being the top features. However, there could be an indicator of the average rank for games being reviewed and a text box for feedback at the end of a case. Also showing chat would help eliminate anyone jokingly reporting their friends and party members.

Let me know what you think!

EDIT: thanks for the first couple of responses! the replay i viewed appeared to allow me to watch the whole game, however i now realize that was completely wrong. I fully agree with the full replay being necessary to adjudicate correctly, with the markers being an option to navigate report times. please keep responding as there is certainly more i don’t know and more things to improve on!


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