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Kanna, Herald of the End


Artifact happens before the timeline of Dota 2, which is important because I'm going to be really liberal in speculating what happens next.

She's a dire fanatic, so I'm going to act like the passage of time has changed her anti-radiant attitude enough that she is able to be played on the Radiant (similar to Earthshaker's switch). In Dota 2 she's suggested to have gone somewhere which I'll interpret as Kanna not actively waging war against her mother (which she does in Artifact).

Note: Anything in bolded square braces are just personal thoughts, balance suggestions, detailing references, rationale, speculation, etc. that are not directly related to gameplay. If you're daunted by the length of this page, skip over them.

"I will see this war to the end. I have my reasons."

Bio: The Children of Radinthul have long been taught to become mortal enemies with those of the Dire, spending all of their adolescent years practicing the art of physical combat so that they may fight and die on the battlefield. Among the dregs are those whose abilities far surpass any other – champions whose abilities are worth more than hundreds, if not thousands, of their fellow comrades. Thus, when Prellex, Priestess of the Radiant, was with child, many in the Radiant hoped – perhaps believed – that her birth would be enough to break the eternal stalemate in their favor.

Yet in Kanna they did not find salvation. As the child grew up it became apparent that she was sickly – she could barely support herself and relied heavily on her mother, who grew more and more fanatical in her beliefs. When Kanna was barely an adolescent her mother cast her aside, proclaiming that there was no way that someone as weak and useless as her could ever be her daughter. Humiliated, scorned, and rejected by her own kind, Kanna fled the Radiant lands, promising that she would fix her frail body.

Kanna scoured the world looking for any spell or potion which could restore her long-denied vitality but was turned away by every shopkeep and magi she met. With few options left, Kanna turned to the Dire, promising that she would serve them if they granted her strength to do so. The local dire council agreed but extended only the tiniest modicum of power – In return, she was to venture and conquer beyond the safety of the towers. Do that, and be granted more.

Kanna quickly aligned herself with the neutral creeps that bordered Dire territory and used her newfound powers and alliance to overwhelm the satyr tribes, slaughtering the weak and conscripting those who she could. In a matter of months, war was declared upon her by nearly her all neighbors. The fighting was brutal and inelegant; it devolved into a simple game of hewing through bodies. But in the end Kanna emerged victorious, her enemies dead or pacified, and so assimilated the lands in the name of the Dire.

Pleased by her results, the council fulfilled their end of the bargain and imbued great power into the girl, declaring her a vessel of the Dire itself and elevating her to the coveted position of priestess. After many years of successful campaigns, Kanna finally turned her gaze to the Radiant, raising a massive army to crush her mother, vowing with the fervor of a zealot to destroy her homeland.

Many years have since gone by. Kanna, now mature, has all but faded to obscurity. But she has yet to die. Though her departure has been long, Kanna now seeks a conclusion of the war on her own terms, and to end many of her ties to the past during her long-awaited return.

– Some extension from the events in Artifact: she wages war on her mother and is winning greatly but becomes disillusioned/jarred after some event and has an existential crisis. She leaves suddenly, which causes the crusade she organized to collapse or fragment. This event in Artifact obviously does not result in the either Ancient exploding, at least not yet. It is unknown what she did during her departure.

Notable Stats: Is a ranged strength hero. Moderate base strength + Low strength gain. Low base agility + Low agility gain. Moderate base intelligence + High intelligence gain. One of the highest base movement speeds in the game (>= 330). Has a good attack animation.

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Abilities: Ability stats are not definite for balance reasons, though some suggestions are made. Units created from the spells below do not expire and die when Kanna herself is killed. Also, units summoned past the spell's unit limit will kill the oldest units first before replacing them. Champions of the Ancient prioritizes first getting the 2:1 ratio, then replacing melee and ranged with their respective units.

Hounds of War (Target Point) – Summon multiple hounds which move quickly and deal considerable damage. Hounds have the pounce ability, which allows them to pounce forward and collide with the first enemy in its path, and slowing and knocking them back, the Death Bite ability, which lets them latch onto enemies and drag them. Can be cast onto a summoning ritual circle, ignoring this spell's cast range but destroying the ritual circle afterwards.

Summoned Hounds: 1/2/2/3;

Max Hounds: 3;

Cooldown: 8 <12?> seconds;

Manacost: 80 (120?)

Mindless and obedient servants, which can be commanded to attack at any time.

Champions of the Ancient (Target Point) – Summon multiple Champion creeps, which have a great amount of health and attack damage and deal bonus damage to structures. The first two creeps are melee Champion creeps while the last is a ranged Champion. Melee Champions have cleave while ranged Champions slow the attack speed of the attacker. Champions can buff nearby lane creeps and heroes, and can teleport to other lanes through lane creeps at level 4. Can be cast onto a summoning ritual circle, ignoring this spell's cast range but destroying the ritual circle afterwards. If summoned regularly, teleport function is immediately put in cooldown.

Summoned Champions: 1/2/2/3;

Max Champions: 6;

Cooldown: 20 seconds;

Manacost: 160

While she no longer has the power to summon whole armies, Kanna can still draw upon her Radiant blood and Dire strength to summon powerful Champions from both sides.

Note: Summoned in a triangle shape based on direction Kanna is facing, with the two melee champions in the front and the ranged in the back.

The Peoples' Aegis (Target Point) – Diffuse some of your power into the ground, creating a field centered on yourself which grants allies inside bonus attack damage, movement speed, and health regen. Can be cast onto a summoning ritual circle to instead teleport Kanna to its location after brief delay, destroying the circle in the process.

Bonus Damage: 20/30/40/50;

Bonus Movement Speed: 8/12/16/20%;

Bonus Regeneration: 2% max health per second

Duration: 10 seconds;

Radius: 600 units;

Field cooldown: 30 seconds;

Teleport Cast Animation Time: 3 seconds

Teleport Cooldown: 60/45/30/15 seconds;

Seeing their general fight alongside them is partially why Kanna was able to send so many soldiers to their deaths. However, Kanna's elusive nature has all but guaranteed her to be able to escape relatively unscathed, regardless of the outcome of the battle.

Ultimate: Deny Fate – Reduce all heroes' spell cooldowns by a set amount. Does not apply to this spell.

Cooldown Reduction: 30 seconds;

Cooldown: 120 seconds;

Manacost: 200

Throughout her journey, Kanna has come to learn that the War of the Ancients is much greater than even the Ancients themselves. By returning from her self-exile, Kanna has forged a new path in the timeline – one independent from those desperately attempting to interfere.

Notes: Applies to dead heroes as well. Does not apply to summons, except those labeled as creep heroes.

too straightforward. Deal 50% of your max health as self-damage?>

Summoning Ritual (Target Point/Channeled) – Creates a ritual circle at your current location. Enemies can see the ritual circle when it is in vision but cannot destroy it.

Channel Duration: 1 second;

Ritual Circle Radius: 600 <400?> units;

Max Ritual Circles: 3;

Charges: 3;

Charge Replenish Time: 25 seconds;

Manacost: 0

A simple summoning ritual, Kana has made frequent use of these in the past in order to quickly mobilize her armies and ambush unsuspecting enemies.

Notes: Is already leveled at level 1. Ritual circles do not expire and can only be destroyed by dying, by using a spell consuming a circle, or by placing another ritual circle when there is already the maximum of circles on the field. In the last case the recent cast of this spell will destroy the oldest circle before creating a new one.

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Sacrifice (Target Area) – Instantly kills any controlled units you have in the target area, causing them to explode and deal damage based on their remaining health to surrounding enemies. Also inflicts self-damage depending on remaining health.

Remaining Units Health to Damage: 40%;

Remaining Units Health to Self-Damage: 40%;

Splash Damage: 100%;

Explosion Radius: 400 <600?> units;

Cooldown: 6 seconds;

Manacost: 0

The ancients demand one thing, and that's blood.

Notes: Is already leveled at level 1. Does not do fatal damage.

Aghanim's Scepter: Upgrades Hounds of War and Champions of the Ancient. Units from Hounds of War and Champions of the Ancient gain a new ability:

Compel – Grants spell immunity.

Duration: 5 <10?> seconds;

Cooldown: 70 seconds;

Manacost: 0

Kanna can forcibly command her allies into battle if need be, imbuing them with a fervor undaunted by death.

much easier to take high ground. It's basically a giant f*ck you to the enemy team and forces them to commit (depending on their lineup) or lose at least half the tower's health. But I think it's still relatively balanced: heroes don't usually cast spells on creep-heroes during teamfights unless there happens to have some great reward to killing them (like Tempest Double or Divided we Stand) so it's entirely possible that you don't even have to use this spell. In addition, rushing scepter is usually a waste on most pusher heroes when you could easily just get a few aura or carry items instead. In addition, you could always just fight Kanna's team before they reach high ground or just straight up kill her. It's a very situational item but is very good at brute-force pushing towers (though I can see how it could be OP given the fact that Kanna does not have to risk own life to push, it has a high cooldown to compensate and the item's high gold cost is its own barrier of entry. Unless you steamroll the enemy team, they probably have enough gold to deal with your summons somewhat effectively).>

Aghanim's Shard: Upgrades Hounds of War

Hounds of War now has three charges and the Max Hound limit is increased by 3.

Units: Listing only abilities and notable stats here.

Hound of War (From Hounds of War) –

Health: 300/400/500/600;

Attack: ~ 80 (at level 4, scales up hard);

Movement Speed: 400;

Attack Animation: ~ 0.8 seconds;

Bounty: 25 gold;

Max Mana: 200

Ability – Leap – Leap forward (800 units) after a delay and collide with the first enemy you come into contact with, slowing them briefly (50%, 0.5 seconds) and knocking them back. Immediately stop to enemy's collision model when collided. Deals 50 physical damage. Manacost: 50.

Ability – Death Bite – Latch on to an enemy (extremely short cast range) , dragging them toward a desire location (you can still control your hounds' movement). Drag speed is calculated based on how many hounds are attached to the hero (the formula is summation(25(1/2)^(n-1) * enemyMovementSpeed), where n is the number of hounds. Hounds can be detached with two basic attacks (despite having a health pool, they also counts the number of attacks for this purpose). Deals 25% of attack every 0.75 seconds. Manacost: 100.

Melee Champion of the Ancient (From Champions of the Ancient) –

Health: 300/600/900/1200;

Attack: ~ 60 (at level 4);

Movement speed: 335;

Same attack animation as creeps;

Bounty: 50 gold;

Max Mana: 200

AbilityProtection of the Strong (Target Unit/Channeled) – Teleport to any lane creep after a (3 second) channel delay. Manacost: 100.

Ability – Hallowed Blades (Passive) – Deal 5/10/15/20% more damage to buildings. Gain 20/30/40/50% cleave.

Ability – Rally (No Target/Passive) – Passively grant nearby lane creeps 3/6/9/12% extra attack damage and 2/4/6/8% movement speed. Can be activated to apply this boost to heroes for 3 seconds. Manacost: 50.

Ranged Champion of the Ancient (From Champions of the Ancient) –

Health: 300/500/700/900;

Attack: ~ 60 (at level 4);

Movement speed: 335;

Same attack animation as creeps;

Bounty: 50 gold;

AbilityProtection of the Strong (Target Unit/Channeled) – Teleport to any lane creep after a (3 second) channel delay. Manacost: 100.

Ability – Instability (Passive) – Deal 5/10/15/20% more damage to buildings. Inflict a 10/20/30/40 attack speed reduction to enemies and towers (does not stack).

Ability – Rally (No Target/Passive) – Passively grant nearby lane creeps 3/6/9/12% extra attack damage and 2/4/6/8% movement speed. Can be activated to apply this boost to heroes for 3 seconds. Manacost: 50.




Kanna is most well-known for the war she started during Artifact. She is the adopted mother of Earthshaker (seriously, check out his Artifact Card). While she not merciful enough to not kill him, he would be one of the few people she feels guilty about killing. Outworld Devourer seeks to use Kanna for his own means, and so Kanna looks at him in a similar light as the Artifact Card people. She has a working relationship with Drow Ranger and knows both Juggernaut and Phantom Lancer. Other interactions listed below are simply speculation about what her relationship with other characters might be, or her possible reactions.

Sample Responses:

Selecting, 5 consecutive clicks on hero: "All my life I struggled to decide what was right. I found happiness in the Radiant and disgust for the Dire… I found salvation in the Dire and hatred for the Radiant. But now, I see who I am. I have made my choice." / "I was so… angry back then. At the Ancients. At the world. But I've changed. I've moved on . All that's left is to resolve past grudges. "/ "All of history is struggle." / "The world is about to end. What have you?"

Acquiring a specific item

Aghanim's Scepter: "Aghanim's Scepter!" / "A power from beyond!" / "I will defy this world with a power from beyond!" / "An object that warps the fabric of reality itself."

Demon Edge: "… It's resonating." / "Two parts of the same blade, each shaped though circumstance and forged by conflict." / "Comfortable. Yet revolting. It's homely."

Refresher Orb: "A chance to set things right!"

Blink Dagger: "A backup plan." / "Uncatchable!" / "A double edged blade for fight and flight."

Killing an Enemy: "Die!" / "huah!" / "Slow!" / "Begone!"

Killing a Specific Enemy:

To Earthshaker: "I hope you can forgive me." / (quietly) "I'm sorry." / " … ah. " / "This isn't fair."

To Outworld Devourer: "The end is nigh!" / "Embrace your death!" / "Kneel!"

To Drow Ranger: "This isn't personal!" / "I take no pleasure in this!" / "I have my reasons!"

To Chen: "Zealots die smiling on the battlefield." / "Your life, for what?… For nothing."

To Antimage: "What do you have against me?" / "Tell the Tyler Estate I send my regards." / "You lack power. Limitless, inscrutable power. " / "I knew this would happen someday."

To Tinker: "You miscalculated horribly." / "This will be the last time we meet." / "Much ado about nothing." / "Stupid, stupid pride."

To Legion Commander: "Even if you spend all of eternity your legions will never match my power."

Meeting an Ally:

To Earthshaker: "You have yet to forgive yourself." / "Let us go, my child." / "… I see. It must've been difficult for you."

To Outworld Devourer: "Creep!" / "Get your scaly hands off me!" / "I'm not your pawn!"

To Drow: "Did you find what you wanted?" / "I hope you didn't take my departure personally. Something… came up."

To Antimage: "Your hate blinds you. Yet, it also the reason you've made it this far. This feels… familiar."

To Arc Warden: "Are you the third Ancient?" / "Your presence feels familiar, yet distinctly different in many ways. Odd." / "Diruulth. Radinthul. Zet. Are there only three of you?" / "Do you want to know what happens next?"

To Oracle: "Can you truly change the future?" / "Is there anyway to stop it?"

And of course,

Crummy wizard!

Shitty wizard!


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