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Kralle, the Seigus Bounty Siege Master

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Kralle, the Seigus
Kralle is a weapon that has been in the back of Iron Fog for more than 2 decades, originally commissioned as a war machine it was never completed due to the destruction of Stonehall in the hands of the Abyssal Army. It was revived through the combined efforts of the Forge Brothers: Dustin, Hummer and Argon. Now added with its own intelligence Kralle sets up and becomes the living embodiment of sieges

Kralle, the Seigus is a strength hero capable of long drawn out sieges. Kralle is a unique hero due to his inability to auto attack. His only way of damaging opponent is Harkonnen which serves as his auto attack, aided by his abilities he has the ability to support his teammates for the mean time as he gets levels for better tower damage. His numerous selection of special ammos gives his attacks potency even without the ability to auto attack. His ultimate makes him one of the best sieging hero capable of long drawn siegies and can focus on buildings while your teammates the opponents.

Role: Tank, Support, Sieger
Strength: 30+ 4
Intelligence : 20 + 1.8
Agility : 0 + 0
Movement Speed: 290
Armor : 1
Damage at Level 1: 64-66
Attack Range: 600
Attack Time: N/A

Innate: Weapon of War

The Kralle is incapable of auto attacking, bonuses related to auto attacking( attack damage, attack speed and attack range) from any sources are directly converted into damage and cast range respectively to be utilize by Harkonnen

Q: Harkonnen, Unit Target


The harkonnen is the most potent anti-wall, anti-personnel cannon.

Fires the Harkonnen to an enemy unit or building dealing 100% of the Kralle's damage plus any bonuses, also procs on hit effects.

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Damage Type? Pure
Attack Speed As Damage 100%
Cast Range Current Attack Range + Bonuses

W: Melting Flare, Area Target

CD: 20/18/16/14 Mana: 35/40/45/50

A simple scouting tool with a melting mix

Light up an area while also peppering enemies within it with an armor reduction debuff.

Dispellable? Yes(Strong)
Armor Reduction 4/6/8/10
Reduction Duration 6
Vision Duration 6
Area of Effect 400
Cast Range Global

E: Concussive Shot, No Target

CD: 15: Mana: 100

Activates a concussive shot for the next attack causing a unit or a building to suffer a 1.7 /1.9/2.1/2.3 stun. This is an on hit effect and is leveled up with Heavy Explosive Shot and Incendiary

Bonus Duration 8/9/10/11

D: Heavy Explosive Shot, No Target

Activates a heavy explosive shot which gives bonus 100/140/180/220 damage. This is an on hit effect and is leveled up with Concussive Shot and Incendiary

CD: 15 Mana: 130

Bonus Duration 8/9/10/11

F: Incendiary, No Target

CD: 15 Mana: 130

Activates an incendiary shot which upon contact also deals a 40/50/60/70 magic damage per second burn to the target for 6 seconds..

Bonus Duration 8/9/10/11

R: Siegus, Toggled | Channeled


Staying in a static position might be a detriment to some but for the Kralle it becomes its greatest asset.

The Kralle changes up and digs in, causing it to receive bonus attack range, bonus armor and magic resistance as well as status resistance. However this roots them in place, the root and bonuses persist until it is toggled off.

Dispellable? No
Channel Time 2.6
Bonus Attack Range 400/500/600
Bonus Armor 6/8/12
Bonus Magic Resistance 30%
Status Resistance Reduction 15%/20%/25%
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Level Left Right
25: +1.9 Seconds Concussive Shot Stun +2 Harkonnen Charges
20: Melting Flare True Sight +200 High Explosive Damage
15: + 300 Harkonnen Explosion Radius +300 Attack Range
10: +40 Incendiary DPS +6 Health Regen

Author's Notes: An entry to the Siege Master bounty contest. Honestly this is my most uninspired as its just took some elements from the unused Mortar Team Hero. I just strive to not have a generic gun ship which is already filled by Gyrocopter and a hero who has no auto attack is something unique for a dota hero. I highly doubt this will be a very good hero but its a hero I've been wanting to make for a while.


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