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One thing I've noticed about my latest stint of practising last-hitting in the trainer – and these sentiments might seem really obvious – but I've noticed a few things about the differences between heroes.

Naturally, it's pretty easy to say that the less damage a hero does, the harder it is to last-hit and maintain creep equilibrium. While this is generally true, I tend to find it's not so much about damage, as it is about time.

When your creeps and the enemy creeps are hitting each other, irrespective of whether it's 1 ranged and 3 melee hitting the same enemy melee, or 1/2, or 1/1, there's a finite amount of time to force-attack your own creep enough that you can deny before you last-hit, or last-hit before you deny if you switch it up. The lower the damage average, the harder it is to last-hit, yes, but the time available to you to ensure that you can both last-hit and deny each creep is limited, too. Naturally, the wider the damage spread, the more conservative you have to be in order to guarantee the last-hit, which is functionally the same as having lower damage.

So what I've found – without factoring in attack backswings and all that because I don't know it intricately enough – is that the worst heroes for last-hitting are the ones with both the lowest damage and the widest damage spread with respect to that low damage. Next worst are the ones with a relatively low spread and low damage, then high-spread high damage, and low-spread high damage.

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So it's not merely a case of having to time the last-hit better: to be more surgical with your button-presses, that's all well and good, it's more difficult, yes… but it's also a function of BAT and level 1 agility, attack backswing, how much headroom you get with your damage, and the damage spread.

I can gold-tier most heroes, getting 3000+ in either the first or second try, but there's definitely a correlation between lower damage, and higher spread making for the heroes with those issues have extremely limited time to force-attack enough to materially impact the creep equilibrium.

Again, in hindsight it sounds really obvious, but there's an understanding there somewhere.


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