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Late game spectre counter

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Don't flame.

I stayed up way too late for a work night and probably my tilt was real, but whatever.

So axe picks axe, and I pick undying. Somehow the lanes get messed up and I refuse to leave axe, so we end up in safe lane, and funnily enough we end up vs spectre and his support, a lich I think.

We wreck the lane, and I get annoyed because my Axe says: don't dive the T1, the FUCK? an axe and undying, and "Don't dive the T1?", I dive the T1 get two kills and the fucking axe is in the jungle. I lost my shit, I said, fuck this you can 4 v 5 for a while. I'm jungling, so I did lol. (this was unranked and I was just messing around).

Bear with me. Instead of arcanes I bought treads (gay). then I got a quelling blade and hit some creeps, got a battlefury (lol), then got AC (LOL more?)…

Then got an ags.

Ok, all this was possible ONLY because we just wrecked the spectre and by 20 minutes he had brown boot and a vanguard. So it took him forever to get online.

When I wanted axe to dive the T1 with me, what I REALLY meant to say was: lets take the fuckin racks and throne these bitches before 15:00.

Ok whatever. I'd tilted. Next I bought a basher. Then I stated hunting the spectre.

He's got a radiance, heart, boots and a manta, vanguard and wraith band.

He's in top lane with a nice creep wave. I TP in and man the fuck up.

I drop a tombstone and go toe to toe. keep in mind I have ags. I'm getting 10 strength every 4 seconds, and I got a creep wave to soul drain.

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I killed him twice, solo (to be fair, my ursa TP'd in and KS'd me on both, but I did 99.5% of the damage).

I'm one of the worst dota players in the world, I get paired with new players all the time. But I just thought it was interesting that an undying (which is largely considered to peak VERY early) to go toe to toe with one of the hardest (arguably the hardest) late game carry.

Edit: actually, if you use flesh golem, you get 16 strength per decay cast. 16s into the fight you've got a 64 strength advantage. hmm…


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