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Lategame decision making: a couple of tidbits

Content of the article: "Lategame decision making: a couple of tidbits"

So i party queued today with 2 friends and lost two games where he had won ALL three lanes and kept our advantage for ~30min cuz of our pos1. A bit tilting yeah.

We are between 5 and 6k, but Valve's matchmaker is what it is, and in those game our pos1 was a div2 and a div4.

So here is the guide to untilt me a bit:

Hero Timing Don't buy a midas to trade farm against a pos1 that out carries you late game. Don't buy a midas if you lost your lane (matter of fact just don't buy midas). Our Naix decided to build Midas – Armlet – MKB against a PA that only managed to finish her BF at 21min. He missed two midgame TFs cuz he was AFK farming with his shitty ass Midas, which we managed to tie cuz we were that far ahead, but the main issue is he missed his hero's timing when against a PA.

Armlet, or a SaY, into MKB and done, we can just win the game. But instead of eating up the map with us he only decided to start playing past the 30min mark and at that point it didn't matter.

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Winning = Map control If you're winning, you take control of two lanes and the area between them. I feel this isn't new to a bunch of ppl here but remember that this is also a factor when deciding if you wanna take a fight or not. If a fight isn't going to grant you more map control or an objective, DO NOT take the fight.

Game number 2, we destroyed all lanes and was cruising to a win. We had won a TF as Radiant and were farming mid, our safelane and their triangle when the enemy started to respawn. We made a call for Rosh and started to back off, leaving only our Jugg and both supports (me and Jugg's party pal) there. Jugg saw their Timbersaw coming up the triangle, we told him not to engage, but he wasted his ult there anyway – he didn't get a kill but lived, costing his ult's cd and his pos5's life.

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Why was that bad? Cuz even if he had gotten a kill, it wouldn't grant us map control or an objective. The enemy, punishing our pos1's CD, went straight Rosh which we couldn't contest and the game got a bit hard. It would've been a win if Jugg knew how (and on who) to use Abyssal but thats not the point here.


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