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Layman Support Wait to be Carried and How It Looks Like

Content of the article: "Layman Support Wait to be Carried and How It Looks Like"


There are supports who just wait to be carried since the beginning of the game.

They have little idea what they are doing, and keep repeating same practice one game after another and hoping for marvelous MMR increase.

This mentality is so harmful that lead to so many common bad practice.

Lets me show you how a "layman support" play the game:

Stay behind during landing phase.

A layman support just stays behind the core to avoid any damage. He might even just stay under the tower.

The idea from his mind is that he just stays behind so that he can always keep a good health condition. Of course, he will be "useful" by randomly casting ability on random target.

At the same time, the core will laning like eating shit. They will eat attacks from two heroes. The core have to keep buying a lot of tangos and slaves to survive.

Amazingly, the support would think he is good since he didn't die and provide "help", which is useless.

A simple thing to do is just stay forward to share some regular attacks from enemies with your core. You have regen and tangos, just use them.

Randomly dropping wards

Wards have limited number. Nowadays, sentries also have limited numbers.

There is a kind of support who always put wards on the high cliffs and easily got dewarded.

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When the team need offensive wards, he just buys all of them and put them on home juggle. The timing for possible ganking is delayed and possibility of successful gank also reduced.

When the team need defensive wards, he just marvelously put a ward on the enemy juggle. We can see the now, ok, but it makes no sense since all the enemies are occupying your juggle.

When enemy have Usra, he never makes a ward around roshan pit.

If you play support and noticed that another support is a "layman support", it would be beneficial to buy all the wards to avoid wasting. The man who is better have to take more responsibilities.

Never help the God-Like Mid

Mid can win the lane and gain big advantages. When this mid is snowballing, the top 1 and maybe the only task for supports is just helping this mid.

  • Help him by warding the lane he would like to gank
  • Warding the enemy juggle where enemies are hiding
  • Buy the smokes and use constantly with him to secure more ganks
  • Build force staff to help mid to escape
  • Stun the one who may stop his god-like strike
  • Die for him, swap your life for his.

Layman supports are just ignore the mid and build funny staffs since he thinks he is on the advantage side.

Knowing if you are getting carried is important. Don't let the god mid fight alone, because there must be a point when enemy can kill him.

There are games in which a smurf cannot carry.

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Never observe the current situation

Everyone knows someone has bad or god-like KDA, but layman support only know to blame the one who has bad KDA.

Supports indeed have much more free time to observe the whole game.

  • They can observe where the enemies show up to have a rough idea of where are all the enemies
  • By checking enemies items, supports can know how strong or weak enemies are.
  • Look at how many items cores have or what is his build, supports should know when to push or play offensive
  • Remember the roshan timing (or set a reminder on a phone)

Supports indeed have more free time to think. Think and do something.

A layman support never know what's going on in this game.

For example, when the enemy have a shadow amulet, he makes no response. Then, in the next fight, the enemy just goes to invisible and become invulnerable.

Check the enemy items, at least know they are buying glimmer cape or shadow blade to buy dust in advance.

(This actually require knowledge on all the heroes, their timing and build. If you don't have time to play yourself, just watch and learn from each game.)


Possible further chapter:

Claiming they are supports, so they don't do X

Blaming the core for noting do X, since they are cores/


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