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Lead by example … this year is hard on us all.

This post is motivated by the recent post from one of the valve devs respectively by the communities responses.

For those out of the loop. It all started with this:

No Trove Carafe this BP.

Trove carafe was always related to the main event, merchandise and talent autographs. It makes a lot of sense that they don't make one until the TI10 main event because the reasons stated before and because the main event would be lacklustre without any immortal treasure. Don't get me wrong, I hoped for it but didn't really expected it.

Release window for IT3 and WR Arcana.

I am eagerly awaiting the WR arcana since they announced it secretly hoped that I will not be released last but I am ok with them taking the time to do finish it so that they are happy with it. Does it really matter that is it released 2 weeks sooner or later. Nothing bad will happen because of it (more shit posts I guess but I enjoy them – some people are very creative).

Now to the most important part: The outcry, the demands, the criticism and frankly the bulling towards the devs. How many of us that voice those demands are developers themselves. How many of us must work at home where you need to work where you usually have your space to come down from work, for family and hobbies. Trust me, everyone who must work from home will tell you this: it is really hard to separate work from private life if all takes place in the same 4 walls. It gets especially challenging if you have kids, small kids. You go and explain a 3,4,5 or 6 year old that you are at home but he should behave as if you aren't. See if that works. To be productive if your private life and your work life is just a blur and everything is mixed together.

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What I am trying to say is that there are trying times for us all and we should be more compassionate if people tell us that times are tough and thinks are not working as usually or not all deliverables are coming as planned or as expected. This is the year of compromises. Keep that in mind.

Do you know how disheartening it must be when you give your best, probably work overtime and it is still not enough, people still complain. I get it: we payed for it and are eager to get everything but please have a little patience and a little compassion.

So shoutout to the valve devs that work everyday for the game that we love!


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