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Legend to Immortal playing Ogre, Void Spirit and Hoodwink mid

After a two-year break from Dota (my main was hardstuck in Divine and I hated the meta), I jumped on an alt account, started in legend, and climbed 2000 mmr over the last two months. Last night I just hit immortal.

I have a 70% winrate with void, 73% with ogre, and 63% on Hoodwink, all in the mid lane. Embarrassingly, I have a 28% winrate with WK, and 28% WR with storm.

Honestly, anybody can hit immortal if you're not braindead:

  • I had to google "how do I draw creep aggro" when I hit divine because I forgot how to and I was getting annoyed that the enemy mid kept drawing creeps towards him.
  • I didn't know that 2 minute runes didn't exist until I hit divine, always rushed bottle before completing my null/wraith/extra regen and was confused as to why I could never get lucky with the rune
  • I can't micro and my item usage blows. I can only buy 3 active use items (sheep/hellflower/shivas/atos etc) because my hotkey setup only supports that many buttons. I'll often be in games where I need to buy a sheepstick (like every single one of my void spirit games), but I can't because I already have euls, phase boots, and hellflower. I'll build octarine instead of sheep as I am not a talented enough player to press four items, not even memeing.
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Some ogre and game stuff:

Ogre mid is busted. Literally 73% winrate over 50 games, which I only started playing once I hit divine. Rush midas (3 mangos and quelling blade into midas), max W, and try and press W on the enemy mid when the creepwave is dead (allowing you to 2x cast W, dealing 600~ damage at level 7). From there, aether, aghs and sheep. With three mangos, ogre has eight armor and 9hp regen at level 1 – all you do in lane is last hit until you get midas (6-8 minutes), stay mid until you get aether (don't gank lanes yet), and then just run at the enemy heroes. Yell at your team to push towers, go for ganks, TP to your carry's lane and say "we're pushing" — do anything to get all five players on your team to force the issue.

On all my heroes, I prioritize fighting and getting towers. I hate farming, and it's why I left for the last two years as the meta was so farm-heavy. After the 10 min mark, I stop prioritizing farm and actively start looking for ganks or pushes and being very vocal with my team about what I want to do. FORCE THE ISSUE. Take any lead you can get and then run with it. Stop farming. And focus on objectives. Even if it's not good on paper, a lot of this game is in your brain, and people fall apart if you run at them. I'll often play games with the mindset of "tilt the enemy mid into abandoning". an example of this would be killing them mid, pretend like you went to the jungle, but then sit in the forest next to their tower/tp spawn, beg your support to tp mid, and then kill them again as soon as they respawn from their last death.

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I genuinely think all you need to be successful in this game is know how to push the issue. If you're big, capitalize on it. And stop farming. And commend your supports after each game even if they sucked as playing support is miserable.


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