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Let’s talk about mid Chen

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Chen's a hero that gets lots of flake and has the lowest pick rate of any hero in the game atm (0.75% according to Dotabuff) plus one of the lowest winrate, but the hero's quite clearly being played wrong.

Everyone knows neutral creeps are weak af in the mid to late game and are just literally free farm for the enemy, but that they're strong af in the early game (1min to 15min time frame of game), being close to impossible to kill.

And what does Chen need to get more neutral creeps? Levels.

Which lane gives the most levels? The midlane.

Think about this scenario — you're midlane Storm spirit, level 5 at 4.30min, suddenly, out of the jungle comes chad Chen with 3 level 5 neutral creep (doesn't even have to be level 5 neuts, his W gives all neuts a min hp of 900, 20 bonus ms, 24 extra attack dmg).

Or let's say its QOP, yeah, they've got blink, but their midlane tower is still going to be fkd and probably gone before 8mins into the game.

Let's not even forget about Chen's E skill. Always raging in your pubs cause your team supports have the iq of a plankton and won't gank? Put 1 level into Chen's E at level 2 or 4, then teleport that dumbass pos 4 sky/pudge into your lane. Your neut will tank the tower while the two of you run a train on the enemy mid zeus (make sure you harass the enemy mid to lower hp before tping your teammates in for a kill).

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At level 7 and assuming you are mid Chen, the time into the game will be 7mins, and you control 4 neutral creeps with a min of 1k hp each, 25 bonus ms and 32 extra attack dmg each. That extra attack damage (128 in total) is equivalent to 2 sacred relics (120 dmg) at 7 mins into the game. This cannot be achieved with a pos 4/5 Chen as the hero is typically played (you will be underleveled af trying to farm neuts).

What? 4 neutral creeps isn't enough for you at 7mins? Get a helm of the dominator (my recommendation for the first item mid Chen should rush). Now you have 5 neutral creeps at 7mins.

Say goodbye to all the enemy mid tier 1 towers and win every lane for your team before 10 mins is even over. If your team still can't win the game after all the space and advantage you've created for them with this mid Chen strat, then they're shit and probably would have lost the game no matter what.


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