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Let’s talk Diretide 2020 Strategies and tips.

Content of the article: "Let’s talk Diretide 2020 Strategies and tips."

Diretide 2020 is a simple concept that is fun to play, casual, but still requires a degree of skill to play well. Here are some of the strategies I've picked up/noticed over the last few weeks. Please comment and share additional thoughts.


First Pick/Ban Heroes – These are the heroes that are strong in this mode for obvious reasons and will almost always be banned or picked right away.

  • The King – Shadow Shaman
    • Strong pushing power in the 1st two waves with Ether Shock
    • Strong early team fight with Shackles
    • Short modes that refresh CDs means you can drop wards in less than ideal situations to defend or get kills without worrying too much about not having it to push later
    • Possibly the best Well/Bucket raider with Serpent Wards. It's not uncommon for rounds to be decided because SS was able to throw wards up on the enemy bucket with 10 seconds to go, draining their pile.
  • The Thieves – Windranger/Clinkz/Weaver (Troll to a lesser extent)
    • These three have the exact same role – kill the well and raid the bucket for 10-15 candy then run away. Repeat
    • Hard to kill without team coordination and vision
    • Mobile
    • Still offer strong hero killing potential
  • The less sneaky Thief – Nature's Prophet
    • Pretty much all the same reasons as the thieves, but easier to catch and kill
    • A much stronger pusher with better kill potential than the other thieves to make up for it.
    • Get's Agh's quickly and then will push lanes relentlessly
  • The Brawler – Earthshaker
    • top tier team fighter who can easily wipe out entire waves + 3-4 heroes at a time.
    • Short modes are good for Echo Slam CD.
    • The guaranteed farm and hero killing potential means you're going to get items quickly and scale more like a carry.
  • The Pain in the Ass – Undying
    • Surprisingly strong pusher with Tombstone given that zombies attack well guardians and guardians will not attack tomb.
    • Strong in early waves, often putting team at an early advantage
    • Good aura carrier for team fight based lineups.
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Sleepers – heroes that aren't so obvious, but are still really strong in this mode, either because of increased farm or surprising combos

  • Io
    • When comboed with a thief like Clinkz or Troll, Io becomes a nightmare, keeping the thief alive and late game taking him on relocate candy raids.
    • Spirits are good for scouting the more hidden paths in the trees and for pushing early waves
  • Zeus
    • Strong pusher and early team fighter, but needs to win early. If the game goes into rounds 4 and 5, he starts to fall off.
    • Great Defender with Ult and Nimbus
    • Direct counter to Clinkz and Weaver raids
  • Spirit Breaker
    • Doesn't do much to push waves or threaten wells, but has massive kill potential since you don't need to coordinate ganks as you likely already have teammates around.
    • Incredibly tanky and hard to kill, so a good taffy runner when you don't have WR or Weaver.
    • Good at taking out targets carrying lots of taffy and making it out to deposit it.
  • Storm
    • Splits the difference between the thieves and Spirit Breaker, good at getting pickoff kills on key targets or at running candy back. Just doesn't do much damage to wells so he raids slowly.
  • Enigma
    • Just keeps his head down and does his job. Getting 3-4 man black holes is super easy.
    • Pushes well with eidolons, but they're squishier than some of the other summons so get cleared quickly by anyone with wave clear.
  • Broodmother
    • Like Enigma, she just does her job being a real pain in the ass. Her ability to run over trees and terrain makes her good for contesting scarecrows and getting/escaping kills
    • Biggest weakness is that she can't dominate early game camps for farming, so she doesn't start off with a huge lead
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  • The most common split for round 1
  • let's you focus on farming creeps for taffy and harassing
  • Let's you feel out enemy strategy a bit
  • Does not offer a lot of pushing or killing power unless you have certain strong combos
  • Scarecrows are usually contested


  • Puts tremendous pressure on enemy well and allows you to keep the wave on their side of the map
  • Trades one scarecrow for guaranteeing the other
  • Can force rotations, allowing the 1 to capitalize on an empty lane for a while
    • The one needs to be strong solo like Weaver or Clinkz, someone who can farm taffy and push hard once the lane is empty.

5:0 or Deathball

  • Almost always results in a kill before the first wave
  • By 2nd or 3rd round most lineups can just take the well if all 5 heroes rush it and get a pick-off or two
  • Leaves your opposite well vulnerable


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