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Let’s talk Treant Protector

A couple months ago, I was bored with my usual pool of supports. So, I meandered over to pro tracker and noticed that Treant was in the most successful pool. I figured "Why not, I haven't played Treant since before grasp came out."

Well, about 70ish games or so later, I've bumped my win rate to 59.6% with a total of 114 games (I started with around 30, with intentions of doing 50 games Jerax style).

I think Treant Protector is in a really good place right now. Let's talk about why (In my 2k opinion).

  • Strong laner (Big right click, sustain, Sneaky, Grasp)
  • Global heal + Armor, works on towers
  • BKB piercing Ult
  • Trees respawn faster now
  • Not as many tree break abilities in game
  • Moderate cooldowns
  • Locket and Solar are strong, and he likes both items
  • He is a tree.

Some cons

  • Slow when not in trees
  • Not great against burst
  • Ult can be countered pretty easily
  • He's not winter wyvern

I think Treant wins a lot of lanes now with the way trees respawn. Even when both heroes are culling trees, there's always somewhere tree can be.

The scariest situation for tree in lane is getting caught between the trees and tower and having your passive broken so you cant run back through. This is only a problem if they have enough burst to bring you down and then continue to lane afterwards.

The biggest realization I've had after looking at the after game scoreboard and wondering why my heal stat was so much lower than other healing heroes is that a huge chunk of Treants healing is done to himself (which doesnt show on the scoreboard, you can see it with dota plus though).

This is mostly due to the way that leech seed works, and probably partially due to lack of teamplay in my pubs.

So that makes me understand that in the right situations, treant can do quite a lot of tanking and even be a front line initator (with blink) if the enemy doesn't have huge burst. Even if they do have a lot of burst, sometimes just eating the spells can be enough if you also get a good ult.

I think there are lots of items that can work on Treant, and it is really dependent on enemy and ally comps, just as it is with any other heroes.

I think locket and solar are both great items and treant likes the buildup for both. Blink is great. Lotus is great.

Typically I go arcanes, if only so that I can disassemble into any of the great items that can be made with energy booster. I can then build tranqs.

I spam clarities and salves in lane. If I can be aggressive in lane, I dont skill living armor til 4, and bounce between grasp and seed based on what I think is good in lane.

I'll note leech seed level 2 doubles its heal/dmg and almost doubles it's slow. In a vacuum,I think 1 2 1 is best, but as always depends on lane.

If lane is hard, I will living armor earlier to sustain carry or boost other lanes.

At 6 I think most of the time you can make a play somewhere, typically not on mid unless enemy dives and you can turn the fight. Treant best on side lanes with the trees.

Dont be afraid to use trees to get behind towers, drop deep wards and just get vision/info. I like to scout for tps in the trees when my team is hitting tower.

I think if we see significant wyvern nerfs, we could potentially see more treant play. Treant currently has a 54 to 55% winrate on pro tracker.

I asked Aui what he thought about treant on a stream. He said that he thought we would see more of it, and that it was pretty strong. He said he wasn't sure why we didnt see more, and mentioned that maybe pros had just figured out how to play around it.

What do you guys think? Do you like treant, do you want to see more of him in pubs and pro games?


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