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List of NA players blatantly abusing party matchmaking to gain upwards of 1500 mmr (couple of 8ks, multiple 7ks and 6ks)

Content of the article: "List of NA players blatantly abusing party matchmaking to gain upwards of 1500 mmr (couple of 8ks, multiple 7ks and 6ks)"

About a month ago i saw my friend ReM get to 8k(rank 100ish), he was around mid-high 7k before so i didn't pay much attention to it. Then about a week or two later i noticed he was almost 9k(rank 30 ish), because jumping that much mmr so fast is crazy and was wondering if he knew something i didn't. Turns out he and some friends figured out how to abuse the mmr system and gain a shit ton to cheat their way up the mmr ladder.

Simply put, you just play as a 5 man party and win games. But the problem is that not many people at high mmr actually play 5 stacks in ranked, and the game has to give you a game at some point, regardless of how fair it is. Such as this game here with a near 3000 mmr difference with the highest mmr on radiant is around 5700, and the highest mmr on dire is around 9k. Because party matchmaking only considers the mmr of the highest player in the party when finding a match and not the average thats close to a 3000 mmr difference between these teams in terms of matchmaking. It may be closer to a 1500 or 2000 mmr difference in reality, but regardless its still an incredibly unfair game. Yet the dire team still got 20 mmr for this game, because games are now just a flat +20/-20 in party queue. Sometimes you have to end up playing a semi-even game, but when many of your games are so imbalanced its effectively smurfing but built in. The big problem is when you start getting on winstreaks. Once you get on winstreaks, smurf mmr starts kicking in and granting you much more then 20 mmr a game. Here's an example of that using rem's mmr.

Here's an example of that using rem's mmr. I went through on his profile and counted how many games he had played since doing this. 48 games. 9 losses 39 wins of 5 man games. 600 mmr gained total since every match is +20 (is in every stack)

steam post showing when he got 8k
twitter of him getting 8k

this is the match he got 8k, the time of when it ended is right before both the twitter and steam posts

But since achieving 8k mmr, he's played 29 games with 6 losses, which is 460 mmr gained. But if bsj who is around rank 50 and has 8600 mmr, and brax who is rank 12 has "around 9150 mmr "(asked him) then rem who is currently rank 25 would probably be 8900 or 9k mmr. Which ends up being A LOT MORE THEN +20 A GAME.

I wasn't originally going to say anything as i thought they were done and its personally a lot of work to record the info, but i noticed rem started playing more and getting a higher rank with some new friends. Checked the previous matches of his friends, turns out they are doing it as well. Realized it was a problem and decided to do something about it

And so, here is a list of the players (and their dotabuffs) who are currently abusing party matchmaking on na which im aware of and their teams if notable. I asked a couple anonymous people to verify some of the players identities. I knew a couple of them from scrims/pubs/tournaments myself. There are two different groups that played at separate times one being early July and one late July. But rem is involved in both of them.

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Group #1 ReM – Plasma Godzhand007 – Plasma poxy zore lebron james iroha

Group #2 Odyssey (Jukey) Shattered Dreams Good Night (Egotist) Monster -ex Team Oracle Egotist's Smurf (Monsters account for boosting(?)) Claira (Rumored to be Monsters Girlfriend)

Monster is suspected of being the smurf in the Group #2 stack because he is rumored to be Claira's girlfriend and after they finish playing ranked he swaps over to his main account to play unranked. #1 #2 #3

And here are a few matches as examples / proof that this works

Example 1 Highest mmr one side is at most 6k, other side has multiple 7ks and 8ks

Example 2 Highest mmr is unranked immortal, then theres divine 5s.

Example 3 Highest mmr is 6.5k, rest of team is around 6k.

Example 4 Highest mmr is 6.5k rest of team is around 6k

Example 5 Highest mmr is 6k rest of team is around mid 5k-6k

Example 6 Highest mmr is 6.5k rest is unranked immo or divine

Example 7 Even in this match here where the one team has a high 7k, and two high 6ks they still have two 5ks on the team so it ends up being an incredibly imbalanced game regardless. (this game rem is on a divine 2 smurf)

List of matches from group 1. Dotabuffs arent turned off until later, except for godzhand whos is always off

List of matches from group 2. Dotabuffs are turned off except for Odyssey(Jukey)'s and Clairas.

Most of the matches im aware of are here in the two links above here. 2 years ago last year

This sort of thing has happened multiple times already, and will always continue to happen. NA dota in particular is a trashcan of players with gigantic egos who will feed and break their items at the slighest thing. Or just spend the entire game flaming and walking around purposely doing nothing. Reporting people barely does anything, i run out of reports at 7k mmr on these players because theres so many of them and not enough reports. I avoid all the feeders i can but i cant avoid more then 16.

The game ruining even happens from notable streamers such as Jubei who a bit ago on stream was tossing his midlaner into the enemy mid on pos 4 tiny with the intention to kill his ally

Or both jubei and lil_nick going mid in the same game and then afking within minutes because neither of them wanted to support.The community is incredibly unhealthy and has been in an awful state for awhile now.

With regional leagues coming up in the future and there being 16 slots for prize money, people will be looking to get their mmr as high as possible and get themselves a slot on a team. The competition is not good in na especially, so just being on a team with other high mmr players gives you a pretty decent shot of getting in. Being a top 100 player might not put you on EG, but it will get you at least noticed by some other t2/t3 captains and get a shot. It definitely creates incentive for players to have the highest mmr possible, even through shady means.

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Mmr abuse is a symptom of toxicity because let's say you are a hard working player and trying your best to climb. you have a pretty decent win-rate, you grind a lot and are a positive teammate. many many games you play will just be ruined by other people, and it feels like your effort and hard work isn't equalling success. a lot of the games you lose will feel like your team just gave up and it was hopeless. You know that if you just play enough, you will get higher mmr after hundreds of games. Problem is that its super mentally straining to do so, and at some point if you have a particularly bad day of people ruining games you might start looking into other options to get higher mmr you might start looking into other options to get higher mmr, even if it is a little bit of mmr as it'll save so much stress and time.

I recently talked to ex-hots pro MichaelUdall(almost 8k mmr in 2000 games) on why he decided to stop attempting to be a pro dota 2 player and here's what he had to say.

"Listen, i love the dota 2 community like i made a lot of really cool friends there, and it makes me really sad but i hated the high level na pub toxic culture. Like i literally feel like role queue was such a nice thing because everyone their role cuz i feel like in high like the top 200 players of north america if you don't get your role like people are just griefing half the games. Like i'd queue up and i'd play like 8 games a day and 2 of them are just automatic losses or wins without me doing anything. and it's really demoralizing when you just waste so much time. And cuz its like one person on my team would run it down or someone on their team would run it down. And either way it's a dumb dota 2 game that i didnt wanna play. It really drove me away from the game and now im not really doing it anymore. But i love dota, it was really fun and i'll always appreciate it but like it makes me really sad that it's that way, because if it wasn't that way it could grow and be so much better."

Please Valve. This problem is happening because of your unwillingness to implement proper punishment systems for people who ruin games and smurf or boost. It is actually ridiculous that dota would have had its 10th ti this year, and people can still walk down midlane from minute 1 to feed and not get permabanned for it. That people can break their items and afk in trees and not get permabanned. The battle pass is already at 29 million, and we still have plenty of time left. Low priority is barely a punishment. Especially if you are high mmr at least in na your behaviour score barely matters because of how small the pool is, if it does matter at all.

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The mmr abuse is a symptom of a problem which has plagued dota 2 forever, which is toxicity. You can keep putting bandaid solutions over matchmaking, but really there just needs to be a proper punishment system. It affects every single player in the game, not just the highest end players. I can look at my friends list of 200 people, where almost all of them used to play the game every day. Almost all of them have quit either due to toxicity, or smurfs/boosters ruining their games.

I love this game, but it's just so sad to see the current state NA Dota 2 is in, as well as how toxic you can be in general. I wanna go out there, play some pubs improve and have fun. But a lot of the time its just so difficult to even have a good game. I'm sure every single player in the region above 6k mmr can pull out tens – hundreds of games where someone just ruined the game and wasted everyone's time.

I just want to say at the end of tihs in case there is any confusion that i'm not defending any of the people who abused matchmaking. They are still scumbags by cheating to get ahead, just like everyone else who anything similar. But I understand why they might decide to do this.

TL;DR people abusing mm, toxicity is one of the reasons why it will continue to happen.

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