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Looking for Divine/Immortal advice on Roles…

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Hey guys, sorry in advance, this may be a bit of a wall of text, I find it hard to express myself properly but i'll try my best.

So i'm a divine 1 (4.7kish) pos 4 player. I love playing pos 4, a lot of my favourite heroes are best as pos 4. If I was good enough to be on a pro team i'd probably play pos 4. That said however, sometimes I just feel like… playing another role. And getting good at it. I don't want to half ass it and be like 'I couuuuld play pos 1 this game, but I don't really play it'. I would like to be able to be confident in my 4.7k games to be like 'Okay, I can play Pos 4 OR whatever other role it is (I should probably point out now that I am excluding pos 5 from this discussion, so I guess we're also talking about a support learning a core role to be more versatile) and feel like I can win with it.

With that said, my first question would be, is it worth it? Is it worth expending time and energy in to getting good at another role? Especially as it would be secondary to pos 4. I'm not sure I hear of many Support then Core players, it's always a Core player who sometimes plays support out of necessity or just a full on support player. I also don't want to get worse as a pos 4 because i'm not playing it as much, although I don't know if that would happen. I just feel like it would be really valuable experience/knowledge if I learnt a core role. I don't know if it's acceptable that I can only play pos 4 (or at least feel comfortable) as a 4.7k player. I can probably play a passable pos 5/3 but that's about it.

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Another factor holding me back is just… i'm afraid to fuck up on a core. I feel nervous every game I play. I don't know why, I should be more confident in my ability to carry. I always feel like in a 1v1 scenario, I will lose before anything even happens. I guess it literally comes down to not playing it often enough. I don't want to feel that way anymore playing a core, I want to be confident. I know I can carry games as a pos 4, why can't I do it in a core role?

With all that out the way…I guess the main question is, what Core role should I learn? Which role am I personally most suited for?I feel like a persons personality really affects what roles they excel at. I don't want to link my dotabuff to this reddit account but if someone really thinks they can help me and think it'll help, i'll pm it to them. I kinda want to list the pros and cons of each role for me personally and maybe why I love playing pos 4 and it might help make a connection…

Why I love Pos 4
I love fighting/killing, I love making plays that lead to kills. I would choose to take a fight/gank over farming some more gold. I love the playmaking potential of this role and room to be creative with itemisation to what best would win the game. I got in to this role when roaming was a huge thing and I just went to every lane and tried to make shit happen. Obviously not so good anymore and I spend a lot more time pulling and contesting pulls (lol) but the sentiment is still there.

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Pros Cons
Pos 1 Biggest hero pool of things I would want to play and enjoy that I don't normally get to play I have a pretty good WR on pos 1 heroes. Biggest pressure to carry the game Boring Playstyle (Farming instead of fighting)
Pos 2 Probably synergises the most with how I like to play Pos 4 and the heroes I like playing. Pressure to win 1v1 scenario Role I have the worst WR% with (although you could argue I played hard heroes mid compared to other roles) Playing against smurfs/Cheese heroes
Pos 3 Easyish playstyle? Least pressure of all roles to succeed Probably the most boring hero pool and playstyle.

That's all I could think of for now. I know this is a wall of text and again i'm sorry, i'm just really hoping some high mmr person is gonna take the time to read all this and advise me. I'd honestly appreciate it so much, I don't know where else to ask. Thanks you for reading.


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