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Looking for quick analysis of my carry play.

Hello learndota2,

Over the past 2 weeks I've talked to 3 high mmr players about improving as a position 1, including things like farming patterns and efficiency, when I should be looking to fight based around items, and item builds. I feel like I have been doing well in implementing these tactics and new ideas in my games, yet I have been losing more than ever. I'm hoping someone would be kind enough to look at either or both of my recent games I felt I implemented my game-plan well but did not get a win.


I was the TB in this game, if I had known my opponents were gonna pick a weaver and storm I would've picked a different carry but what can you do. Laning phase was not the greatest, it seems hard for tb to contest sk on the waves because of caustic, so I had to do a lot of last hitting under tower. around level 5 I left to jungle, as the lane was getting harder to sustain.

This was the first part of the game I was very conscious about implementing something the higher mmr players told me I should do, which was farm my way to the triangle, and keep top shoved in. I get forced out of the lane by a weaver with an early maelstrom, probably should've not tried to fight him.

At this point my mind is on farming as well as I can while being safe, and I start thinking about what my other high mmr player told me to do which is think: "What items do I need to fight this game, based on both drafts?" My idea was before I could really teamfight I would need SnY, bkb, and a skadi. Correct me if I am wrong on those items.

I start keeping top wave shoved in, farming dire jungle camps near the top t1 and our triangle, until I get ganked and tp bot, which may have been a mistake, not sure. I die in the triangle to a gank I should've dodged. At this point I feel like my team is really choked in the base by this storm and weaver who we do not have much control for or ways to kill. I try to keep lanes shoved with illusions while farming as much as I can to get to those core items. I die to another gank I didn't see coming, pretty bad on my part.

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After that gank the game kinda just became us in our base shoving lanes with illusions, getting all 3 lanes gone on my storm weaver and shaman. The only real other notable thing that I did this game was around 28 mins employing a strat I was told about, getting a ward in the opponents jungle and cutting waves with illusions, but it was probably too late. The game felt pretty out of hand at this point, so I am not sure if much more of my perspective is needed on this one. I imagine somewhere in the first 28 mins was where we lost the game.


I am once again TB, laning against a razor which seemed not easy. Not much to say from my end on the laning phase, if anyone sees some serious mechanical issues in my laning please say so. I left the lane around 8 mins after a zeus ganked. Looking back I probably should've gone back top and gave up on the lane too early. I farmed the top side jungle for a while, as I saw my legion was in the triangle a lot. Here is the part where I don't really have a good lane to shove so I just jungle for bit. I get top shoved in and the tp some heroes so job well done I think. I have a similar mindset as the last game that I need SnY, bkb, and skadi before I am ready to fight. I keep jungling for a while, not really wanting to fight. One mistake I see is around 17 mins when a fight breaks out in the opponents bottom side jungle, I keep jungling for too long where I should have shoved out mid or top.

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Around 20 mins I start farming the way I wanted to the whole game, keeping radiant safelane shoved and farming the camps on their side, and backing to my triangle when needed. I did not see a good opportunity to start this pattern earlier, let me know if I missed one because I probably did. At 23 mins I see a fight starting near rosh, I don't feel strong enough to fight yet so I just take the bottom t2. Let me know if this was the wrong decision, this is something a high mmr player said I should be doing. After the tower goes down the fight looks like something I should not join so I shove in bot with illusions and keep jungling their side of the map. At 26 mins another fight starts top, which I was not a part of but went badly despite 3 enemies being on the other side of the map at the start of it. Joining this fight was not something I thought I should do at the time, I was told its better to keep lanes shoved and splitting until I have the items I need to fight. I am not sure if not fighting here was a good call, let me know. Troll comes bot after the fight and I have to bkb to tp away, probably should've died there to trolls basher but he didn't want to try his luck.

So here we are, 5k gold down, me having a score of 0/0/0 and what I would consider good networth. Another fight happens mid around 28:30, I tell my team just back to highground, I have my skadi real soon. My team fights, we lose 3. Another fight I maybe should have been at, again correct me if my thinking of waiting for the 3 core items is wrong, I am just trying strategies recommended to me by coaches. I get top shoved and cut mid At 30 mins we are in our base, I am ready to fight, but it may be too late. I join my first fight at 31:30, razor lives with a sliver of hp, I think I really fucked up by not finishing him off, I got worried by the troll wacking me. Someone can tell me if they think I could have killed razor and lived, I think this was a huge misplay by me in hindsight.

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After that fight it became another game of stuck in base, shoving waves with illusions until we lost. Somewhere in the past 33 minutes I fucked up and we lost.

So that's my side of these two games, I guess the biggest question I have for anyone willing to look at these games is when should I look to fight as tb? Should I wait for whatever items I think I need in this game like I was told to? Should I group with the team earlier? Should I abandon my farming patterns to fight earlier?

Big thank you to anyone who read this whole wall of text and/or watched the two games, I hope one day to be able to give advice to other players.


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