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low mmr carry player in need of guidance

Content of the article: "low mmr carry player in need of guidance"

Here's the game I'm using as a sample:

I am the spectre. I chose a game I played well in but still lost because I wanted to change my attitude of blaming my team by having better players tell me what I did wrong and what I did right.

I'm a carry player who was a crusader but due to a massive losing streak the past 3 days including my recalibration being very bad, I am now a guardian player. I feel like I've been doing well(not perfectly of course since I am low mmr), and I have been frustrated because I feel like I'm doing well enough to win games but it feels like somethings lacking from my team. However, I'm tryna keep an attitude of focusing on myself and how I could play better and enable my team better as well. I'm showing this game because it is a prime example of feeling like I did enough as a pos 1 but I'm not sure how I could've played better.

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I did go back to base a lot this game, just to note I was often low from farming ancients and zeus ulti. I don't normally walk back to base like this almost ever but I was super low on resources. Usually it was around the time I was preparing to haunt out of base anyways so I thought it would be fine

I do have a few specific questions for higher MMR players if you guys don't mind asking:

What's a good pos 1 to first pick when needed?

Was bkb a good item on spectre this game? (I usually don't buy bkb as spec) But I had a problem with zeus kiting me this game with aeon and ghost scepter. Should I have gotten nullifier instead maybe?

How do I deal with a lane that has 2 stuns and a bunch of nukes like CK and Ogre? I died once 100 to 0 because I was far from tower and I felt forced to tp base at one point because of the zeus ulti's dmg + the danger of their nukes and when I haunted back in I almost died 100 to 0 again if not for a good tp by my Mars.

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Thanks for any help you guys can give me. I do watch a lot of BSJ so if you are discussing smth BSJ talked about, if you could just reference that maybe it would be great.

Edit: While going back through it myself I noticed we didn't take rosh after the won fight at around 47 mins so that was one I noticed but other than that I can't tell.


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