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mag hard support feels low-key pretty strong right now

Content of the article: "mag hard support feels low-key pretty strong right now"

I've mostly been comboing it with my buddy who plays LD, but he's good with any hero that can make use of empower to farm faster. He's actually got a level 2 spike that rivals some of the better hard supports, and this is coming from a CM spammer. Most games I open with 2x Tangos, Salve, Clarity, and Wind Lace, and I skill empower. With a good block, you can bully them off the lane for the first wave just with the threat of empower. If they come too close, you just empower them back to the tower and your carry starts hitting them. This is where the Wind Lace comes in handy. At level 2, you basically have a guaranteed skewer. You just run straight at them, and if they stay in lane to last hit, you just run right next to them, shockwave, and that gives you a guaranteed skewer. Even if you don't have kill potential, this combo guarantees you're going to cut at least half their health because they'll be out of position and get hit by creeps when they're running back. After level 2 you start maxing out empower, with RP at level 6. Stack and pull for experience, and when you find time if you're able to safely do so, start stacking the large camp next to the lane. Once you get to level 3 or 5 depending on the hero you can shove lane to their tower and side-pull and put lvl 3 Empower on your carry while the creeps tank the stack.

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I've played games with tranquils, but he's so mana hungry, so I usually rush mana boots, stack camps when you can, skewer people into towers or teammates, and save RP to use defensively mostly in the early/mid game. After mana boots I usually rush blink dagger so I can blink+skewer or blink+RP. The great thing about Mag is that after blink he can go a lot of ways. Glimmer Cape is really solid on him to use both offensively and defensively. With my LD buddy, I love getting Solar Crest, and just sitting behind his bear permanently Empowered+Solar Crested while they can't defend towers because of the threat of a blink+RP.

He also farms way faster than any other hard support I've ever played. What other support can farm ancients or large camps faster than Mag?

His ult is also super high-impact from the hard support role, not many other supports have that strong of a spell late game. While he doesn't have the best save for his cores, he can sacrifice himself and skewer their team away from the person they're going on, and with his faster farm, he can get an item like Lotus Orb, Glimmer Cape, Euls, Greaves, Pipe, etc for the team in decent time

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