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Mars offlane TIPS or advices what to do better.

Hello friends, i wanna ask for some tips or advices. I would like to be more efficient and consistent with him. For introduce myself. My rank is archon 3. Played almost 60% of my ranked games on offlane as pos 3. Most played heroes are bristleback, sand king, axe, centaur and timbersaw.

Spells: I start game mostly with spear. It's good for rune battle and for securing ranged creep. Then going just god's rebuke. Most times I max spear first then god's rebuke and last bulwark. Sometimes I skip bulwark until I got both spear and god's rebuke max then put one point into bulwark or if the lane is most of physical right click DMG I got one point into it on lvl 3-4.

Items: For start I buy 6x tangos, salve, quelling blade, mango and iron branch. I prefer more regen immediately from start because most of the DMG on runes will go to me. If not I get more regen for Laning stage. First small items I buy bracer, stick(sometimes wand), and orb of corrosion/soul ring. Last choice depends mostly on which support I got on lane. When is in our team CM or hero which goes mana boots I go for orb. When my pos 4 is lion I go soul ring. Then I go phase boots, blink, eul, aghanim shard, bkb and after this I go some aura item or lotus for dispel teammates. Eul is here for mana regen problem and for catching high Mobility heroes storm, am, qop and ember into spear or for preparation for arena.


Early game: In early I try harras how much I can the enemy carry or focus on destroying his farm. If the lane is really hard side pulling how much I can and get how much do I can until mid start rotating then go mid to get some of the gold and xp back. Mid game: After I got lvl 6 I buy smoke and start making space for our carry. Hunt their mid and carry. Saving our carry. Making move into their Jung with supports to block camps or even for kills. Push T1 towers.focus mostly on creating space for our carry to have time to farm and got safe place where to farm. Try fight everytime I got arena of cooldown. Late game: In late I will initiate, Get hooked, sacrifice myself for mid and carry if that have atleast some reason for team(not saving carry which goes solo 1v5 and die). Just work like boxing bag for enemy team to let my carries shine.

This is all from me. Thank for read. And I'm ready for every tip, trick or advice you give me. GL&HF.


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