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Match fixing and Account sharing in Omega League

Content of the article: "Match fixing and Account sharing in Omega League"

Omega League has been great for keeping Dota competitive during COVID. Unfortunately with tournaments being online, some bad actors have come out of the woodwork to take advantage of the situation.

In NA, the team Xixihaha played on thirteen different accounts across their closed qualifier matches and Ancient League division. All of these accounts are borrowed/smurfs from their owners and are played on by high ranking Chinese players with an average of 8500mmr. One notable player is Baidu_king. They used the multiple accounts to try and dodge bans for match fixing and boosting their placement in qualifiers.

For context, please note that I played for Pace University.

Part 1: The Accounts of Xixihaha

One match including these first 5

76561198368133864 Xixix





Another match included these 5.

76561198075433622 AnaZ

76561198078892578 Zexin/OTR/Wyz

76561198339765413 Savage97

76561198821116963 Vo1d

76561198082601279 HermesOTK

We also see this account (Baidukings main account?) play 1 match

Part 2: The Accounts and the Three Teams

All of these accounts were borrowed from their actual owners. If you look into some of their match histories you'll see some 'interesting games'.

These accounts also happened to play on multiple teams, in both the closed qualifiers and open qualifiers. This match has the Zexin character and four new players. These matches and others take place under the team name Sbww and also happen to be in the Omega League open qualifiers. That same team played vs our first five guys under the name 'Team Huniepop' in this game which was the final game of the qualifiers.

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Blue Pikachu played in NA Qual #4 (and 4 of the other NA qualifiers) and has these players on their roster. Of note is Puer Tea aka 2, HermesOtk and AnnaZ are also present on the listed roster of Blue Pikachu. NA Qual #4 also has this team aka Xixihaha which links to the second set of 5 players. This team plays with the 'Vo1d' person. This team plays in all four NA qualifiers.

Qualifier #4 is the one that Xixihaha qualify through. And they play vs the same Sbww suspicious team. Guess who Sangee is? It's our favorite Zexin again! The same player on Xixihaha

The team Sbww qualified and dropped out before playing a single game. WanDenRen 'WDR' plays vs Blue Pikachu and then Starboys. Blue Pikachu has a player listed on their team named Starboyz?

Part 4: Match fixing

With the tangled mess of accounts used. The players of Xixihaha are pretty safe to not having their real identities being discovered.

Two series involving Xixihaha are incredibly suspicious.

The first is this BO3 Boonz&Goonz vs Xixihaha

The series doesn't look that bad at first glance. Game 1 and 3 are stomps for Xixihaha and game 2 is a stomp for Boonz&Goonz. Game 2 is what's suspicious. If you look at game 2 you can take a look at item builds and the replay. First of all the game is just incredibly different from the other 2. Sand King builds brown boots soul ring aghs, and Kunkka goes super urn and then feeds for 30 minutes.

VPGame is the premier Chinese betting site

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Betting Odds for this match.

What's interesting to note is how the odds change between game 1 and game 2. They basically don't change AT ALL. Rest of it looks normal and people assume and bet accordingly that Boonz is the better team because looking at the accounts that Xixihaha played on they were average 5-6k vs 8k avg team.

The HIGHLY suspicious match in question

BO3 Pace University vs Xixihaha

Game 1 is a close(ish) game but is relatively a stomp for Xixihaha

Game 2 is a complete stomp and is where our 322 takes place. Xixihaha starts off by banning nonsense heroes. Heroes that pace does not play and heroes that aren't good/counters vs their draft. In game they feed non stop in the lanes literally walking up and feeding multiple times

Feed 1

Feed 2

Feed 3

You get the idea. If you want you can watch the game for yourself and make a decision. Here's what the casters had to say after the game.

Pace vs Xixihaha on VPGame

Normally when a team gets stomped, the odds tend to get better for the loser(number go up). Instead Xixihaha is the favorite for the series, and the favorite for game 1. But for some reason Pace is the favorite for game 2. After that you'd assume Pace would be the favorite again but instead it switches back to Xixihaha.

TLDR: Xixihaha shared accounts amongst multiple teams and match fixed some games in Omega League. Omega League has not yet DQ'd Xixihaha despite multiple reports from different parties.

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