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Mid Broodmother with Battlefury is Broken AF Right Now

Content of the article: "Mid Broodmother with Battlefury is Broken AF Right Now"

Hi there, your resident Brood spammer here (dont kill me plz) with over 600 games and a 60% overall winrate, and an 80% winrate since 7.27 playing Battlefury Brood. Full disclosure my MMR is trash, over the years I've ranged from legend to archon, but I know my way around my spider queen.

Recently Brood got some big and honestly needed nerfs to her traditional playstyle. She is still a powerful laner against some specific heroes, but for the most part they aren't popular mids at the moment, and for the most part she struggles to absolutely dominate the early migame like she used to, usually breaking even with the enemy mid laner.

In case your wondering, the traditional playstyle with brood is to push as hard and fast as possible, gettting cheap and efficient items like orchid and diffusal to leverage your powerspikes and end the game around 20-30 minutes. This playstyle is still valid for some games, and part of playing Brood is understanding what games that this is possible, but valve has changed the equation slightly with her nerfs. This style of play is an all in bid to win. A few missed ganks, a few failed pushes and a few deaths and its more likely that you will find your farm lacking, and the enemy carries online, and you will be hard pressed to win these games.

Enter Battlefury Brood.

First let's look at what heroes best utilize Battlefury. For the most part, they are mobile agility carries that can leverage that mobility to farm faster with Battlefury. AM, Faceless Void, Riki, Spectre and PA come to mind.

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Brood is an agi carry, and her unique ability to move through terrain paired with near max movespeed means she fits this bill nicely. Moreover, she NEEDS mana regen, which Battlefury provides in spades, the HP regen is god tier while in her webs, and the damage it provides+cleave+her ult makes her feel like a mini Sven if enemies are grouped.

By Placing webs efficiently into the Jungle behind your tier 1, mostly heading to the ancient camps, and as many large camps as you can, farming a Battlefury, Soul Ring, Boots, Wraith band and Gloves of Haste is consistently possible in 11-13 minutes, even against matchups that would have normally stomped brood. Almost NO OTHER hero can practically guarantee that level of farm THAT EARLY every game. Once your Battlefury is complete, the farming pattern goes into hyperdrive, and your GPM and XPM skyrockets.

I am consistently getting 800-900 XPM and 700-800+ GPM every. single. game. I am level 25, 25-30 minutes into the game, and can usually just flat out single handedly walk through the other team.

Some pointers:

  • Get the +10 Agi and +30 attack speed talents, they allow you to leverage your level advantage and insane damage to the fullest, and increase your farming speed. The spider damage still wins out over the HP, mostly for pushing, and the +50 damage and lifesteal is a must.
  • Yasha is a must as a second item, it increases your farm speed/damage again, and builds into Manta or SnY which are two amazing items for Brood. Pro Tip: if your good at micro you can micro your spider illusions to attack multiple heroes attacking you, giving all of them reduced movespeed and a huge mischance.
  • Aghs is bought every game, when it's bought changes but it allows you to accelerate your farm and map presence almost 3X as much. Usually you want this before 25 minutes.
  • Traditional counters like Axe, Underlord Bristleback and others don't phase you whatsoever when your 8-10 levels ahead of them. The last game I played I solo killed an Axe at 15 minutes into the game, which just wouldn't be possible or very difficult with traditional brood. This build doesn't rely on your spiders as much as traditional brood and you can just leave them farming while you fucking destroy your so called counter because your so far ahead. The only heroes to still watch for are Kunnka, LC and Earthshaker if he's played as a 3. Otherwise, its no problem.
  • Buy BKB to end the game when your level 25.
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TL;DR: Brood Battlefury go BRRRRRRR Make money, get big, win games.

EDIT: For everyone saying get out of here scrub, I wrote this post because I KNOW I'm a scrub and I want to see what an ancient or divine level player can do with this build. 800+ GPM/XPM is almost unheard of for me at 2k unless I'm playing alchemist. I can't even image what XPM/GPM a Divine player would get with this build.

EDIT 2: Proof of concept, watch the replay for Match 5628083113. I die more than I should have in this match because I was goofing around, but the general ideal is there, and we still win by a landslide.


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