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Mid & Carry Morphling Guide | analysis of Yawar and SCCC’s gameplay

Hey guys, xuisoko here,

A lot of people in comments and in posts in dota2, learndota2, and truedota asked about a Morph guide, so here it is. I watched 9 replays of SCCC and Yawar play respectively CARRY and MID morph.

Check the video here:

In this guide, I highligh the different gameplay, especially in the laning stage, that you should follow in order to play optimally. Choose which one your morph is and let the best Morph win.

Find the text reddit guide below:

Find the text reddit guide below:

Position:Mid Morph (pos 1.5)Carry Morph (pos 1)
Starting Items:4 branches, tangoes, faerieCirclet, 3 branches, Magic stick, tangoes
Laning:Rush Bottle, abuse Q + harass, Explained belowRush Morbid mask, explained below, Use W for ranged cs
Advantages:Abuse runes + bottle, can farm triangle super earlyYou are against 2+ ppl, abuse magic wand early.

Table 1: Comparison between positon 1 and 1.5 morph

1. Item build:

MID: Starting items > bottle > morbid mask or gloves of haste >power treads > whatver you need next (SnY/Manta/Eblade)

Carry: Starting items > morbid mask > pt > Manta/SnY > whatever you need next (Skadi, Eblade, Satanic, BKB)

Skadi is amazing vs ranged cores.

Ethereal blade is a good choice vs mele cores. (Although skadi could also be better in some scenarios, specially against bkb carriers).

Mixed items (These two give you offfensive and defensive capabilities at the same time) SCCC almost always goes for either:

  • SnY (Against absolute dissables like Bane ult, legion ult)
  • Manta (Against potential silence, root, debuffs like vessel)

Assess whether the enemy team can kill you. If they can't, you can rush an eblade. Eblade is also good when your team lacks dissables. Otherwise, SnY or Manta are always a better choice for morph as a first big item.

2. MID MORPH (How to win mid)

You have the last pick. As a mid morphling you aren't playing position 2, you are playing position 1.5, and turn your carry into a 1.5 too. Pick mid morph with carries in your team like MK or void, which don't farm a lot like medusa, terrorblade. Don;t pick morph mid, if you have an antimage, or alchemist pos 1.

So, here it is.

  1. As a mid morph, you start with 4 branches tangoes and faerie, in order to rush a bottle with the remaining gold. Whatever happens, you want the bottle before minute 1:45 in your inventory.
  2. In the remaining 15 seconds, cast your Q on the enemy and trade with them. Even if the trade is bad for you, you have time to go max agility, use bottle charges, and get the rune.
  3. Also try to shove the wave if possible, but more importantly trade with them. While other heroes get 30-35% of their hp back with a bottle, you get 100% back.
  4. Repeat this with each rune, bounty, water, and power. Pay attention to the clock. Save your resources for the last few seconds, thjis allows you to quickly refill, so that the enemy is unable to contest the rune, while they are low.
  5. Instead of ganking take down towers. Enemies need 3+ heroes to kill a high lvl morph. Force rotations while farming. This is your gameplan. You are like a jugger. Farm a bit more dangerously than you would on another hero. Learn your limits.

In the fights, if you have dissables on team, you can dish out enough autoattacks to kill supports or low hp cores.

You need yasha. After the patch that changed agility not giving movemetn speed anymore, morphg absolutely needs a yasha each game. You are otherwise too slow.


Follow the itemization above. Go full agi, autoattack people when they go on your support. Pay attention to aggro you have 380 hp, you can easily die.

Don't use your stick unless:

  • You are dying
  • You are full agility, and restoring hp.

On lvl 2, get the W. Now your two adaptive strikes don't share the same cooldown. In the video, Yawar uses his agility strike for last hits, and his strength strike to stop the enemy from last hitting. Super cool.

It also costs only 50 mana, which is great. You can practically use it for 4 waves and secure all ranged cs. If you don't need to use Q.

Rush morbid mask, don't finish wraith band or wand, unless enemies cast a ton. Once you get morbid mask, and you are level 5, if the lane is even, you can shove it and farm jungle, and repeat. Your support can go stack or roam in this time.

When the lane goes good

Force enemies out of the lane with autoattacks, take the tower and rotate to take the enemy T1 safelane tower when the time comes. If you are having complete freefarm, don't rotate, unless you can kill the enemy carry who is diving your offlane tower.

After you take the enemy t1 tower on the other lane stay there or tp there if you aren't and use the farming patterns shown in the video.

When the lane goes bad

Once you have the morbid mask, the lane is easy. If the enemy offlaner is lvl 6 and you are lvl 4, you screwed the lane bad. You can always go woods, and use the second farming pattern.

4. Fighting

In team fights, you want to focus dissabled targets, or targets that you can kill in 4-5 hits + your nukes. You are a slow hero, and everyone will run away, given the opportunity, by simply walking away from you.

Avoid having to shift to strength in the beginning of the fight. You aren't the initiator. This is most people's biggest mistake. Yes, nuking a support down in the begining of the fight is great, but not if you have to be in full str, throughout the entire fight. You would end up losing.

If your team has enough dissables, the game should be easy for you. Autoattack people.

Ulty usage:

To properly use morph’s ult, you should have played all heroes in the game at least 2 or 3 times.

Even if you haven’t, you should at least know how to cast their spells. Some spells are super weird to cast if you’ve never used them.

On a general note, the best spells to use as morph are: Steroid and defvensive abilities like:

Refraction, Rage, Metamorphosis, Legion commander buff, Wyvern’s Flying spell, i have no idea what it’s name is, earth shaker’s enchant totem, etc.

Mobility spells, like earth spirit, Riki, puck, monkey king, etc.1

5. What else is in the YouTube Video

  • In the video guide, I share other concepts like:
  • Attribute shift usage
  • How to farm as a carry after getting morbid mask
  • Itemisation after SnY/Manta
  • How to play like jugger (lane shoving)
  • When to purchase BKB
  • Which is better Skadi or Eblade?

Thanks for reading guys, If you liked the guide, and want to support me, you can subscribe on youtube, or follow me on reddit.




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