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Most efficient heroes for low/mid MMR games, discussion

Content of the article: "Most efficient heroes for low/mid MMR games, discussion"

Hi guys, as the title says I create this post to share / debate some informations for some heroes for low/mid MMR games and debate around them to know what do you think are the best suited heroes for theses games.

I almost finish my 100H and I will start ranked soon, tbh with you I'm not a beginner at all in term of knowledge because I know well the complexity of this game and I played similar game RTS / MOBA at very high level in team in competitive environment since multiple years. I don't want to be arrogant in this post or anything obviously and I know that "cheesy" heroes are not a good way to approach the game and I don't recommend them at all for a total beginner.

Of course every hero played well are good if you played better than you're opponents.

But that not my point, surely you can solowin with a Elder Titan mid and stomp everyone yeah. But that can be much harder and if the game go late for whatever reasons it can be difficult to secure it in soloq/chaotic environment.

My last game I had an Invoker pos 1 / Omniknight as pos 3 / Techies as post 4 and Io as pos 5. This is not a joke. Fortunately I was playing Huskar and I could solo win the game in 25min even if they all grief really hard the game and were really toxic between them so I mute them all at the beginning, except the Io she was not toxic at least. But this kind of game was kinda depressing tbh with you.

So !

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– My top 1 is Huskar obviously, the game are short with him and they kinda don't know how to counter him properly until some better players. I can solokill in lane, my powerspike are high and fast, I can fast tempo the game with armlet rosh into halberd siege highground and attrition the enemy team in their base with a 4/1 to make them impatient and grief the highground defense. After that it's kinda gg.

He's tanky / good DPS / good scaling / good items / can powerfarm / hard to counter with no coordination / strong early mid, correct late.

– My top 2 is Arc Warden, amazing scaling, good laning, strong kill potential at lvl 6, can secure control zone with Spark Wraith, fast farming scaling with Midas, very good splitpush, strong highground offense and defense, etc. The only drowback is he's kinda hard to truely master lol.

– My top 3 is TA, good laning phase, straightforward hero, kill/deny potential early with a better lane management than you're opponent. Can fast farm the jungle, insane powerspike with Deso / BD. Early Rosh. Can setup vision easily and this is huge cause support in low MMR don't know how to ward obviously. Can control the triangle from the enemy team easily than most heroes, etc. Decent late game.

Meanwhile I'm thinking about Brood, but she's kinda risky because if the game drag to much it's over.

Meepo obviously even if he's not as strong as before. And same for him, kinda like brood need to end really fast no death allowed, but better than brood in late also.

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Visage seems strong too but pretty garbage before is level 6 and no mobility at all.

Lone druid really interesting too, certainly one of the best I think too.

And you what do you think are the best suited heroes to finish the game fast in low/mid MMR bracket in this patch ?


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